Volvo S60 Review 2014

October 28th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Volvo

Volvo S60 Review 2014 – Volvo automaker is the best seller in the United States, it is not surprising that the new Volvo has not changed too much , the 2014 model will debut at the Geneva Motor Show March. 2013 elegant looks have improved slightly in 2014 , and there is a new technology within the Volvo brand metal gauges instruments are replaced by a configurable digital display, a new multimedia system is available. The Volvo S60 2014 front and rear design does not seem radically changed at first glance. A closer look shows a smoother appearance to the elimination of all chrome trim around the larger grid. Previous Reininger nozzles were visible , were moved out of sight for 2014 . Also cleaned the radar adaptive cruise control – it is now hidden painted black with a grid line on the cover, so that the entire grid appears uniform . Volvo S60 2014 signing day Fog lights are moved to the area, and tailpipes now flush with the rear bumper.

Inside metal gauges 2014 Volvo S60 2014 luxury replaced by a network of transistors display panel configured as a thin layer . 2014, the group has three modes a display of traditional elegance that mimics the old position displays a green theme with a green background and eco-driving display and power indicator with tachometer and speedometer digital foreground. We reserve judgment on the final doctrines , until we see the new dashboard nearby. In addition to technology dashboard is a new multimedia navigation and called Sensus , which has a 7-inch screen . Sensus includes a full web browser with 3G/4G speed Internet , phone or USB , Wi -Fi and various streaming and functions of music online application device. Volvo says it is not possible while driving.

Volvo s60 2014

Volvo S60 2014

2014 Volvo S60 interior touches include newly available sport seats Volvo says that retain the traditional comfort, but embraced the support legs to the shoulders to hold driver in place when the curves quickly. The sporty theme continues in the steering wheel with shift paddles newly added while color interior padding and wood inlays and a headliner are also new.

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