Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid 2013

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Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid 2013 – Volkswagen Touareg is a mid-size crossover from the 2002 automaker Volkswagen produced by the German SUV. Car Tuareg people of North Africa, the Berber-speaking group was. Volkswagen Touareg is a joint venture project group, Audi, Porsche and development. This is an off – road vehicle such as a car that can handle was created. More than 300 people with the team, Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert by, and will be led by Porsche main base Weissach Tal, was based in Germany.

The results of a joint project of the Volkswagen Group PL71 platform, Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 shares by, but the vehicle styling, equipment, and technical differences. Five seats in both the Touareg and Cayenne, the Q7’s wheelbase over 1/3 of the drive to accommodate up to seven passengers. Volkswagen Touareg Bratislava, Slovakia as the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 is built in the same plant.

Due to the demand and the U.S. dollar against the euro, such as the cost and environmental policy in the United States exchange rate, V6 and V8 engine variants, Volkswagen’s American Touareg will contribute the most. Compared with other Volkswagen – brand vehicles sold in the U.S. mass market and attract more upscale end of the Touaregs from BMW and Mercedes-Benz compete with other luxury crossover SUV set. However, V10 turbo direct injection diesel engine available in the 2004 model year, the number is limited. The United States was again a “Tier I emissions as of 2006.

The first generation of Volkswagen Touareg

Touareg comes standard with four-wheel drive system. An automatic program changes at the center, and a “low range” setting that – with the vehicle control locking is enabled. Detour traffic to an available air suspension system that is able to command more on the car’s ride height to be collected, and an interior switch allowing the rear differential to be manually. The level of demand is the ground clearance of 160 Road Level of 6.3 mm, is 244 mm, and 11.8 mm clearance between the Xtra 300 9.6.

The second generation Volkswagen Touareg

The second generation of February 10, 2010 in Munich publishing, and in the 2010 Beijing International Auto Show. The new Touareg is a world first in automotive headlight technology: “glare – free high beam”. An adaptive high beam is different, only the last system continually and gradually higher beam size, but its pattern matches. Apparent pattern is changed so that the direction of the front of the vehicle is not lit, and the area around them constantly at a high light intensity.

Volkswagen Touareg India

Volkswagen Touareg India

Volkswagen Touareg 2011 Qatar Motor Show concept (2011)

Race Race Touareg 3 Qatar is a concept car based on the use of 3 Touareg. The BBS 18 inch tires, said, Serpentino gray metallic safety cage, Recaro racing bucket seats, carbon interior of the mat, “black” and “pure Islam” seat height and the door is ready to support the Nubuk skin panels, Titan Black Nappa leather upholstered seats in center panel, two-tone seams and seat covers and safety-related items painted in red on a silver storm piping. Touareg Gold Edition is based on the 4.2 Touareg V8 FSI engine. This custom designed 22-inch wheels, roof rails, protective guard patira and window frames, mirror caps and parts of the air intake frame, “Magic Morning” body color, 24-karat gold and switch, “moon” in the interior of the color, luna Alcantara roofliner and Nappa leather seats, natural brown, natural brown MAGNOLIA seams, “moon” in the skin by pressing down with a floor mat with leather dashboard.

Volkswagen Touareg 2004

Volkswagen Touareg 2004

Volkswagen Touareg Awards

Touareg 2003 Car and Driver magazine’s Best language for the SUV, Motor Trend magazine’s 2004 Sport / Utility of the Year, “Four Wheeler” magazine’s four-wheeler for the years 2005, and 2003’s Overlander 4WDOTY.

Volkswagen Touareg  North

Volkswagen Touareg North

Volkswagen Touareg and failure to remember

Center support bearing premature failure of the first generation Touareg. The failure occurred after the vehicle warranty coverage beyond 100,000 miles. VW dealer or a true bearing of the full range of motion to replace the tail shaft assembly is highly recommended. Some Australian Touareg vehicles due to faulty rear tire defect fitted with a sound reason to remember to lock.

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