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November 6th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Volkswagen

Volkswagen CC 2014 – While Volkswagen has achieved a laser focus on the family sedan market with its midsize Passat, is ” four-door coupe “, the Volkswagen CC 2014 has played a very different role in the VW lineup. With more intrigue, fashion sense and visual interest – and a few luxury items and bars – that locks the German car line a point above the Passat, while prices relatively affordable.

The Volkswagen CC 2014 could not fulfill this look idea as a serious sports sedan. To comply with the other party, which means, in performance, is better than what would be expected in view of the $ 31k base price Volkswagen CC 2014. In essence, only handles much like the Passat, in luxury form with refinement significantly lower than priority or nervousness overall performance. Volkswagen CC 2014 with the 200 hp, 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged ( 2.0T ). Models with him feel lighter and more agile than its top of  the line VR6 4Motion and partners. The four spits many low and medium speed torque with only a slight delay when the rates are at the lower end, while the closed-angle VR6 is spirit, but it seems to take a moment to create more steam.

Volkswagen CC 2014 R -Line 2.0T VR6 Executive Sport and Executive models will now be offered. Now, for 2014, the big news is that you no longer have to make the V6 in order to enjoy cutting the CEO so engine fuel efficient with some of the best features like Premium Sound a couple massage seats and leather upholstery. The VR6 model is still the only one in the line to get on all wheels. New for Volkswagen CC 2014 2.0 executive measures to more navigation functions with Sirius XM Traffic an ” easy open ” motion activated trunk opener, keyless access with push – button to start, and a new design of alloy wheels 18 inches. Sport models now get daytime running lights, adaptive front lighting, the LED navigation and rearview camera.

Scan only as much of the trade in one of its most luxurious price that drives the base of $ 31.795 Volkswagen cc 2014 R-Line essentially with sophistication far below the precedence or nervousness overall performance. With direct injection and turbocharging, which are four 200 hp and 207 pound-feet of torque. There is only the slightest delay in the response at low speeds, it really feels like a great engine and dual-clutch DSG automatically help, most of them with clap fast changes. A six-speed manual transmission is standard on the sport, but if that’s what you like.

As for how it handles the Volkswagen CC 2014, is the best way to put it, when the obsessive adjusted and tuned chassis of a German sports sedan is likely to expect a little disappointed, on the other hand, if we compare the Volkswagen CC 2014 mass market sedans convenience-oriented medium is the CC to be very athletic and elegant. There are plenty of slim, close to the border, but the Volkswagen CC 2014 did not feel out of his element on a winding road, the direction and the loading and unloading very well. The steering feel itself is a bit too bright for our liking in the vernacular, city driving, though only enough weight in the middle to give a relaxed attitude on the road. The brakes are still strong and capable.

Volkswagen cc 2014 R-Line

Volkswagen cc 2014 R-Line

Volkswagen CC 2014 is a pretty safe option, although a couple of questions we prevent largest declared it one of the safest cars. Volkswagen has solved the problem of visibility with a system of rear-view camera for most of the return for the year 2014. And another thing is safety – set size function – including side and side curtain airbags, electronic stability control and antilock brakes are standard on the Volkswagen CC 2014 and back pockets, a feature not always offered in this class, are optional. Parking sensors front and rear are offered in the Volkswagen CC 2014, but remain the exclusive domain of the top of the VR6 4Motion Executive.

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