Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible

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Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible – Volkswagen beetle, officially known as the Volkswagen Type 1, was an economy car produced by the German from 1938 to 2003 auto maker Volkswagen. With air-cooled, rear-engine, rear wheel drive configuration of the 21 million manufactured, and running a single design platform beetle least most – and the automobile, worldwide.

A significant trend led by Volkswagen beetle, Baltimore, 26.6 percent identified and Renault whereby the rear-engine, rear wheel in continental Western Europe’s car production in 1946 was 2.6 percent in 1956-hearted style. 1948 Citroen 2CV and other European models, the front-wheel drive in the European small car trend, a trend that will gain the upper hand in the market. In 1974, Volkswagen’s own front-wheel drive Golf model succeeded beetle. In 1994, Volkswagen unveiled the concept of One, a “retro” theme concept car with a resemblance of the original worm, and in 1998, “Games beetle”, styling reminiscent of the original Type 1 is built on the Golf platform. In a 1999 international poll for the 20th century’s most influential car, the Ford Model Type 1, T Mini and the Citroën DS in the fourth.

Volkswagen beetle 1953-1957

During this period, VW beetle rear window of a divided or “split” an unusual oval to oval. For the best quality steel bodywork has been used, and the front tip of the hood emblem is a complex production Wolfsburg. Hand crafted watt rear decklid. Wing a certain “flare” have.

1967 Volkswagen beetle beetle

For the second year in a row, the 1967 model beetle for larger – including engine displacement. The previous year, increased horsepower to 37 hp and 1967, it increased 40 KW. U.S., UK, Ireland, 180 to 360 watts from the generator to increase the production model, and upgraded from a 6 volt to a 12 volt system. In addition, the size of the clutch disc, and flywheel to change, to create braking system, and rear axle. Games standard equipment two-speed windscreen wipers, reversing lights, a driver’s door armrest, locking buttons on the doors, and a passenger’s side exterior mirror included.

Volkswagen Beetle 2013

Volkswagen Beetle 2013

Volkswagen beetle 1303 (1973)

In 1971, a new MacPherson strut front suspension and a redesigned front “value” worm, which started with the production of the insect model. VW 1302 1971-1972, and officially known as the VW 1303 1973, but is generally called super beetle, the new stretched nose design replaced the dual parallel torsion bar beams which compromised trunk space and spare tire in a near vertical than horizontal transfer. Change from a solid to a radius of 20 mm and the wheelbase of the new redesign and a doubling of the front compartment’s cargo volume produced. As with previous models, air pressure from the spare tire hit the windshield washer canister instead of an electric pump.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

1972 Super Beetles 11% more rear window, larger front brakes, vents on the top row of the four engine cover lid, tail lights, reverse lights in, absorb the energy of a four-spoke steering wheel and steering column, and an engine compartment socket for his own. VW Diagnosis system. For 1974, the previous flat steel bumper mounting brackets tubular “self restoring energy absorbing” attachments, effectively bumpers on the North American market Beetles for shock absorbers, replaced with. This car also powerful “5 mph” bumpers of the cars will be added to the length of an inch. Steering knuckle and consequently the lower strut attachment point of a tire blow was redesigned to improve event handling and stability. This means that from pre-1974 Super Beetles are not interchangeable with struts 1974-79s.

Volkswagen beetle cabriolet

Beetle cabriolet production started in 1949 by Karmann in Osnabrück. It was in 1948 when Wilhelm Karmann bought a VW beetle sedan and convertible is a four sitting there. After the successful VW in Wolfsburg, production started in 1949. Create stylistic and technical changes to the Karmann cabriolet, 331,847 cabriolets came 10 January 1980 at the conveyor belt to the last.

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