Toyota Prius First Generation

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The Toyota Prius First generation, In 1995, Toyota entered the hybrid concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, with the testing following a year later. The  Toyota Prius First generation model Toyota Prius NHW10, went on sale on December 10, 1997, there was only in Japan, although we have imported privately to at least the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.  The Toyota Prius First Generation, at its launch, became the first massproduced gasolineelectric hybrid car of the world. At its introduction in 1997, it won the Car of the Year Award Japan, and in 1998, it won the Automotive Researchers and JournalistsConference Car of the Year award in Japan.

Production began in December 1997 at the Takaoka plant in Toyota, Aichi, ending in February 2000 after the production of the cumulative 37,425 vehicles. Production was initiated in May 2000 at the Motomachi plant in the same area, before XW10 did not end in June 2003 after some 33,411 cars were produced.

The Toyota Prius First Generation NHW10 styling originated from California designers, who were selected over competing designs from other Toyota design studios.  In the United States, the Toyota Prius NHW11 was the first Toyota Prius to be sold. The Toyota Prius was marketed between small Corolla and Camry larger. The published retail price car was $19,995. The Toyota Prius NHW11 became more powerful partly to satisfy the higher speeds and long distances that Americans drive. Air conditioning and the electric power steering were standard equipment. The second hybrid vehicle massproduced on the American market, after the 2seat Honda Insight. While the larger Toytoa Prius could seat five, its battery pack is restricted cargo space.

Toyota Prius First Generation Hybrid

Toyota Prius First Generation Hybrid

The U.S. Epa (Carb) was a car with an air pollution score of 3 out of 10 as an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (Lev). Toyota Prius owners were eligible for up to a $ 2,000 federal tax to remove from their gross income. Unlike NW10, Toyota executives stated that the company broke even financially on sales of the Toyota Prius NHW11.  European sales in September 2000, the official launch of Prius in Australia occurred at the October 2001 Sydney Motor Show, although sales were slow until the model Toyota Prius NHW20 XW20. Toyota sold the first generation of about 123,000 Prii.

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