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Toyota Fortuner USA Model – Toyota Fortuner, also known as the Toyota SW4, is a medium-sized SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. Thailand is the only, but later also in Indonesia and other countries, Fortuner Toyota Hilux pickup platform is built. It has three rows of seats and rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive is available, among others. Fortuner is Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand, which includes the Toyota Hilux and the Kijang Innova. The Fortuner, arrived in Thailand in 2004 and played a significant low-cost SUV SUV design language is integrated with the 4Runner, which always preserve the “backyard remorse” than a glimpse.

A large part of Toyota’s Thai operations, Fortuner Hilux’s journey to success by the greedy and India, Argentina and Indonesia with the country, a number of the resulting mixed, though Thailand’s success in being outside. But in The Sydney Morning Herald, Gillard Technical Center Toyota Fortuner 2006 with the work of the organization from working. In fact, this is the game Utility Vehicle in Thailand, Thai and Japanese engineers design. Australia has been given a facelift version of the Fortuner Toyota vehicles, including the addition of IMVs was, Fortuner is responsible for the development of the next generation.

Toyota Fortuner Colombia Market

Columbia Fortuner was unveiled in 2005 and is locally assembled without any changes for 9 years Prado production began in 2007 as a replacement. Prado 2009 for their production continued until. A new model for 2010, Fortuner Urbana, with a 2.7 L petrol engine of 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 model was added. At the end of 2011 as a 2012 model Toyota’s new a new front grill, new taillights and a revised version of the previous version of the same value as the interior and the sales value of the facelifted version to start with you.

Toyota Fortuner Ecuador Market

Ecuador in 2005 and launched in 2007 – Fortuner was unveiled in South America. Fortuner version will come from Venezuela and Thailand. Various models released, originally only 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 with a V6 4.0 L petrol engine options are sold for use. Since 2010, a 2.7 L engine options and has released some new model has been given a facelift. Toyota Fortuner 2007 2009 End of the sell price. Since 2010, the Ecuadorian government for all hybrid cars from import duty, which sold Fortuner from Toyota highlander hybrid Limited’s similar price and more features to reduce the number of vehicles not exempted.

Toyota Fortuner Venezuela Market

Two trims are available for 2011 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 – both with 4.0 L V6 engine. Assembly plant Cumana, Venezuela is located. Fortuner was unveiled in South Africa in 2005 and in 2006 began. In 2009, the various models out and Toyota released a new model.

Toyota Fortuner Pakistan Market

Toyota Fortuner 2009 with the launch of Pakistan. Pakistan met Fortuner available from March 2013, as an interview by Bloomberg Pervez Ghais, Toyota Indus Motor Company’s CEO will be said.

Toyota Fortuner India Market

Toyota Fortuner launched in India in 2009. It Bidadi, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited Karnataka from imported CKD kits assembled at the plant. Toyota Fortuner production of more than 950 vehicles per month increased from the initial month.Initially per 500 units were sold in only one variant Fortuner, 3.0 L Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine, with leather upholstery and Climatronic, value. However, the Indian auto expo 2012, Toyota launched the manual and automatic transmission 4×2 3.0 L.

Toyota Fortuner Indonesia Market

Fortuner 2005 International Motor Show in Jakarta at the start. This land is located below the boat and RAV4. The Fortuner 2.7G ready for sale and 2.7 V levels. Rear Wheel Drive 2.7G fabric interior and luxury leather interior and premium sound system with a base present. 4 wheel drive Fortuner 2.7 V is only available as the luxury model. 3.0 diesel engine with V is officially sold in Indonesia is not ready, the Tax serious 4 × 4 drive train 3.0 L or more in volume and regulations imposed on vehicles with engines. It is especially Sumatra and Kalimantan markets is imported.

2.7G is a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 2.7 L petrol engine with two-wheel drive is not connected. Rear wheel drive and 4 × 4 2.7 V 2.7G automatic transmission only to come. The four-wheel drive market has been added to 2.5g and a 2.5 L diesel engine with 75 KW power add. This is a 5-speed manual transmission is connected. Upper body model is dynamic, and not as aerodynamic, but when running at high speed has been criticized.

Toyota Fortuner Malaysian Market

Toyota Fortuner is sold in variants 2 – 2.7 V and 2.5g. 2.7 V-4 cylinder, in-line carries 16 – valve, DOHC, VVT I was at a maximum of 5200 rpm-118 and 241 KW N · m maximum torque at 3800 rpm-Petrol engine with power output. ECT 4-speed automatic transmission is available only with 2.7 V can.

2.5g maximum 3600 rpm-at 75 and 260 KW N · m maximum torque at 1600-2400 rpm-with a DOHC Turbo diesel engine has a power output. It was only available with a 5-speed manual 2.5g first, but the 2009 model has been given a facelift for this year has been replaced by a 4-speed automatic. Only 2.5 L common rail diesel and 2.7 L petrol engine available.

Toyota Fortuner Philippine Market

Fortuner 2005 to replace the RAV4 and Land cruiser is launched. 2.7G gasoline, diesel 2.5g, and 3.0V diesel. The 3 types are sold. 2.7G model is equipped with a 2.7 L 2TR-FE-VVT i technology, which is 5200 rpm-at 118 and 241 KW N · m of torque at 3800 rpm-the engine generates. The model 2.5g, 2.5 L common rail diesel technology with 2KD-FTV engine, which is 3600 rpm-260 and N · m torque at 1600-2400 rpm-in is equipped with 75 KW of production. 3.0V, which is optional only 4 × 4 model series. D-4D technology, which is 3400 rpm-at 121 and 343 KW N · m of torque at 1400-3200 rpm-generated with 1KD-FTV engine is equipped with. 2.5 L 4 × 2 diesel variant comes in both manual and automatic transmission, automatic transmission only, while the rest comes.

Facelifted Fortuner was launched in October 2011 together with the facelifted Innova and Hilux. Fortuner 2005 launched in Singapore. Parking car park due to some problems, some 1.85 m in height in his favor. Toyota Hilux have the same due to poor sales, but sales better than Fortuner. 2012 Toyota Fortuner minor change model released in late 2011. Change the front, where the grille, headlights and bumper with. Fortuner 2012 with a new radiator grill with three horizontal patira have. The new projector headlights with conventional lights to get light. Redesigned front bumper with fog lamp housing with a plate sheds as well. Lower front fascia side to persuade more than the old SUV.

Back, a redesign of the buffer is added and a new tail lamp cluster. The new lens is a comprehensive and clear tail lights, brake lamp notification of an emerging model for the rectangular one. In addition, the interior has a more subtle changes undergone, major changes to the center console and steering wheel. An older version of the Innova MPV interior that shows that there are very similar. Dials the new version does not have a unique feeling.

Toyota Fortuner 2009

Toyota Fortuner 2009

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