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Toyota Corolla 2013  – Toyota Corolla small and compact Japanese automaker Toyota, which has been very popular throughout the world since the nameplate in 1966 when the first vehicle produced by a single line. In 1997, the Corolla became the best selling nameplate, tapakanora Volkswagen Beetle.Over 39 million Corollas have been sold as of 2012. The series has several major redesigns undergone. Name “crown” is the primary model for Toyota’s naming tradition of using the name Crown for example: corona,, from the Latin for crown gets its name; Corolla Latin for small crown; Camry is a Anglicized crown, kanmuri Japanese word for. Japan’s Toyota Corolla Corolla has always exclusive store locations and twins, Toyota Sprinter, Toyota auto shops called in a certain Japanese Toyota dealership, Toyota Vista then sold the store in 1980 in Japan with the change.

The first generation Toyota Corolla (E10)

The first-generation Corolla in October 1966 with the new 1100 cc K pushrod engine is started. Corolla Sprinter was introduced in 1968 as a quick return versions, and exclusive Toyota Japan, Toyota auto dealership retail store to the outlet.

The second generation Toyota Corolla (E20)

In May 1970, E20 has a rounded body and the 1400 and 1600 cc cc 2T OHV engines were added to the restyled range. Now two mutually exclusive Corolla and Sprinter names and sheet metal is ready to be little difference between the various treatments. Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno names improved version of the Corolla and Sprinter respectively, while the performance of a double overhead camshaft version of the 2T engine was launched in March 1972 as. Australia, only 3K run 2 KE20 sedan and wagon / van as available. There was no brake booster, front and rear solid disc with Drums at a single system. Front of the rear sway bar but no bar. Part of the model is not compatible with.

The third-generation Toyota Corolla (E30, E40, E50, E60)

In April 1974, rounder, bigger and heavier Corollas and Sprinters. In addition to the circular range two-door liftback. Corolla E30 code when Sprinters E40 code. In March 1976, a face-lift, most Corolla E30 E50 models and most Sprinter E40 models replaced by equivalent models have been replaced by equivalent E60 models. E30 Corolla recall is equipped with front seat belt.

In Australia, KE3x was a 4-door sedan, 2-door sedan panlevan (KE36) and 4-door wagon (KE38) by, 2 as available. Everyone 3K K40 engine and speed manual or 3-speed auto. Sprinters were not available. The model is a 4K engine 4-door sedan or KE5x 2 – door coupe as available. KE55 was 50 kg impract side door in addition to serious security reasons, but because the body metal and a change in the level of sealing they tend to rust. KE55 after the end of the previous model plastic bumpers on all chrome bumper bar has been used, but a rear sway bar included for the first time.

Fourth-generation Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla (E70)

A great Restyle March 1979 a square edged design. Corollas a grill, headlights and taillights while the Sprinter’s treatment was simple to a little more complex, sculptured treatment used. A series of new engine range as a running change has not been added. It should be “hicam” and is the last model K series engine. Fuel injection is an extra cost option on the Japanese market as the vehicle was running.

The fifth generation Toyota Corolla (E80)

A sloping front bonnet and a contemporary sharp-edged, no-frills style was brought in May 1983. The new 1839 cc 1C diesel engine was added to the range E80 series. From 1985, E80 was the fifth generation Chevrolet Nova Sprinters sold in the U.S. as badged. Fuel injection was introduced as an extra cost option internationally. Most models now AE85 and AE86, which is rear wheel drive or front-wheel drive FR layout without Corollas format was last used. Sprinter AE85 and AE86 chassis codes are used. Corolla Sprinter was nearly identical, the only minor body styling changes such as pop-up headlights.

Toyota Corolla 2006

Toyota Corolla 2006

Sixth generation Toyota Corolla (E90)

A little more rounded and aerodynamic style was used for the E90 introduced in May 1987. Overall this is a more refined feel than older Corollas and other older subcompacts generation. Most models were now along with a few 4WD All-Trac front-wheel drive models. The engine is a dimension and a variety of models, 1.3 liter 165 horsepower supercharged 4A-GZE from small-2E is used. Geo PRIZM or Holden Nova E90 Sprinter is a rebadged and sold.

Toyota Corolla 2012

Toyota Corolla 2012

Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla protection

U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 40 mph (64 km / h) frontal offset crash test “acceptable” rate as a 1998-2002 model. The 2003 model is an overall “Good” rating, but a left foot injury protection “threshold” was. A rebuilt December 2002, the beginning of the 2008 model, gives you a “good” rating test all aspects of the Corolla. From model years 2005 2008 optional side curtain airbags Corolla to an “acceptable” side impact crash test ratings, a “marginal”   safety cage rating is mainly due to the design of the model. Otherwise, injury protection ratings for driver and rear passenger in the driver pelvis  injury protection, which was “acceptable” to all except the best. Standard side-curtain airbags Corolla from model year 2009 to present with both frontal offset and side-impact crash test between a “good” ratings.

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