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The Suzuki Wagon R is a kei car produced by the Japanese automaker Suzuki since 1993 The R in the name stands for Recreation. It is one of the first cars to use the “tall wagon” or “design tall boy”, in which car is designed to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback and sides in order to maximize the cabin space while staying within the kei car dimension restrictions. The Suzuki Wagon R has been sold in Japan since 2003 kei car and in 2008, Suzuki expected to produce its three-millionth Wagon R. It has been a profitable car for Suzuki even in the international market, especially since the introduction of the automobile in India. Sales of Suzuki Wagon R have reached 5 million units at the end of February 2010.

Suzuki Wagon R 1st Gneration (1993-1998)

The Suzuki Wagon R First generation is 1,640 mm (64.6 inches) tall, or 255 millimeters (10.0 inches) taller (170 mm (6.7 in) internally) than the JDM Suzuki Alto sold at the same time (which was exactly the same length and width). The R uses the same three-cylinder engines of 660 cc F6A as did the Alto and other Suzuki Kei cars. Originally with two doors on the left and a single door on the right side (driver), which was introduced at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show. The later cars received five most common configuration, symmetrical doors. For model year 1994, which won the Automotive Researchers and Journalists Conference in Japan Car of the Year. The renamed Mazda AZ car was introduced in September 1994, also with the F6A engine, this model is sold through Mazda Autozam network as part of an OEM agreement.

A first generation Wagon R large, the Suzuki Wagon R + was added in early 1997 and is manufactured in Japan until the end of 2000 for the European market. The car featured a wider body and a naturally aspirated engine with 996 cc K10A and four cylinders. The same Wagon R + was also available with a 1.2 liter engine.

Suzuki Wagon R 2nd Generation (1998-2003)

1998 saw the introduction of the second-generation of Suzuki Wagon R in Japan, with the redesign of the Wagon R + and its replacement in 1999 – this was brought to Europe in 2000, with larger engines. This is also produced in Esztergom in Hungary by Magyar Suzuki and Gurgaon, India. The Opel Agila is the badge engineered version of the Suzuki Wagon R +, also introduced in summer 2000.

Suzuki Wagon R 3rd Generation (2003-2008)

A third generation Suzuki Wagon R was launched in Japan in September 2003 for the tenth anniversary of the Wagon R, but now only as a K6A with kei car engine 660 cc, no oversized version (like the previous Wide and versions + ) was developed. Then the third generation face lifted in September 2005 and replaced three years later.

Suzuki Stingray

The Suzuki Stingray, first seen in February 2007, was a sportier version of the third generation Suzuki Wagon R. In addition to a more aggressive front end treatment, the Stingray also received clear taillights. Alloy wheels and an aero kit were also standard. The 660 cc engine was boosted by a turbocharger, further enhancing the speed and acceleration. With a perfect balance between power and weight, underweight car performed exceptionally well at high speed with O / D off. On average, the Stingray went from 0km / H to 100 km / h in about 15 seconds only.

Suzuki Wagon R 4th Generation (2008-2012)

The fourth generation Suzuki Wagon R was launched in Japan in September 2008 along with the sportier Stingray, AZ-Wagon and AZ Wagon Custom variant (the latter two manufactured for Mazda). Significant differences for the new generation include larger rear doors, which incorporate the quarter glass, eliminating the need for a provision pillar D. Powertrain options include naturally aspirated and turbocharged 660 cc engines with the latter developing an output 64 hp (47 kW), mated to a 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission. As with many other Japanese market models, the customers can choose between front-wheel drive versions and all-wheel drive. Suzuki in Pakistan (Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company Limited) is known to the local assembly beginning of WagonR in its plan of Pakistan from April 2014.

Suzuki Wagon R 5th Generation (2012-Present)

The Suzuki Wagon R range of fifth generation was launched in Japan in September 2012 for the first time, this generation now comes with the new system for mild hybrid called “ENE-CARGO” (short for “energy charge”) and an energy system saving electric air conditioning dubbed “ECO-COOL”. With the R06A engine combined with an electric motor/generator and lithium-ion battery, this new ENE-CARGO provides regenerative braking and at least some level of power assistance to the internal combustion engine, while also can run certain equipment electric. Thanks to this technology, the new Wagon R can get up to 28.8 km/L in JC08 Japanese driving cycle (67.8mpg USA, 3.5lt/100 km in the EU or 81.4mpg UK).

For Mazda version no longer carries the ‘AZ-Wagon “nomenclature because the Wagon R is the fifth generation models rebadged as Mazda models Flair while fifth generation Wagon R Stingray are renamed Mazda Custom Flair and Flair Style.Both Flair Custom Style was launched in October 2012.

Suzuki Wagon R International

The Hungarian built Wagon R + is still being produced for the European market (Wagon R-Solio and Solio are not sold), albeit with limited range and availability (it is no longer sold in Ireland, for example). Since 2006 in the UK, only one model is available – the GL, with 1.3 liters (1,289 cc) 16-valve petrol engine 4-cylinder delivering 59 kW (80 PS, 79 horsepower ), ABS with EBD and air conditioning as options. The current model is 3,540 mm (139.4 inches) x 1620 mm (63.8 in) x 1,695 mm (66.7 inches) (length x width x height), with a claimed 597 liters (21.1 cubic feet) of cargo space .

In 2000 through 2007, the suzuki Wagon R + is renamed Opel Agila. The Agila was built at a Opel factory in Gliwice, Poland and Opel Engines and transmissions. The new Agila is a rebadged Splash. In Europe and elsewhere, the Suzuki Solio has been replaced by the Splash in late 2008.

Suzuki Wagon R VXL

Suzuki Wagon R VXL

In Indonesia, the car is called Suzuki Karimun and offered with a 1000 cc (until 2006) and 1100 cc (2007 onwards) petrol engine, while China is the basis for both the Changhe-Suzuki Big Dipper (Beidouxing) and Changhe- Suzuki F-MPV. The Big Dipper is available with a 1.0 native built based on the old F10A, or with modern K14B engine 1.4 liters. In some Latin American counties such as Colombia, the Suzuki Wagon R + was sold under General Motors Chevrolet brand.