Suzuki Lapin

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The Suzuki Lapin is a Kei car with a hatchback body five-door, manufactured since 2002 by the Suzuki for the Japanese market only, and also marketed by Mazda in Japan as the Mazda Spiano under the OEM agreement under their Autozam marque until 2008. It is based on the popular Suzuki Alto Kei car. The Suzuki Lapin has a very different, boxy shape, this apparently proved popular with female consumers. The name “Lapin” stems from the French for “rabbit”, and the car sports rabbit-head badges. The Mazda version has the distinction of styling details, including a different front end. It would be a car by Ford called Ford Fido not to be mistaken with the Ford Figo. Should be developed not Jdm token in the place where it is not a hoax for the right source.

Suzuki Lapin First generation HE21S (2002-2008)

The first-generation Suzuki Lapin Alto introduced in January 2002 and three trims, “G”, “X” and “X2”. The Suzuki Lapin is powered by Suzuki’s K6A Kei car engine, a 0.66 L aspirated (40 kW / 54 hp) and front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Automated Transfer automatic is a four-speed.

Suzuki Lapin Secon Ggeneration HE22S (2008)

Second-generation of Suzuki Lapin was introduced in November 2008 with four trims: “G”, “X”, “T” and “TL package”. CVT was added and manual transmission was dropped.

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