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Suzuki Jimny USA 4×4 – Suzuki Jimny Off-road vehicles are four-wheel drive vehicle is a 1968 Suzuki’s history dates from 1968.The line from Suzuki. The Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Company to -15 Hope Hope Star ON360 small road vehicles are purchased. The first Suzuki branded 4-wheel drive LJ10, launched in 1970. LJ10 a 359 cc air-cooled, two-stroke, two-cylinder in-line engine was. Liquid-cooled LJ20 1972 as a result of changes in emissions regulations introduced in cooler with the new law, and it gained 3 HP. In 1975, Suzuki complemented LJ50 with the LJ20, a larger 539 cc, two-stroke, in-line three-cylinder engine and a large interval. It originally meant the Australian market, but more exports soon followed.

Jimny8/LJ80 a LJ50 was an updated 800 cc, four-stroke, in-line four-cylinder engine, followed by the Jimny 1000/SJ410 and 1300/SJ413 with unmodified version. A version of the SJ413 known as the Samurai and was the first Suzuki officially marketed in the United States. Sierra SJ410 SJ413 series in Australia, and is known as the Jimny in some markets. The new Jimny 1998, carries the same name was released and now all markets. 1998 release G13BB EFI-out of the engine, EFI-out in 2005 and replaced the engine and M13AA 2001 M13AA VVT engine with a minor interior redesign.

The first generation Suzuki Jimny (1970-1981)

Compact off – road capable Suzuki Jimny Suzuki’s first global success, his name recognition and an established global bond markets provide. A hitherto unfilled gap in the market Jimny slotted. Suzuki’s ON360 rebuilding the right to acquire and an air-cooled Suzuki 359 cc “FB” two-cylinder two-stroke engine with 25 KW Mitsubishi with the first step. The new unit is smaller than 360 cc, and Suzuki placed spare wheel under the truck inside to keep the overall length of 3 meters, it is specified as a Kei car tax and other privileges to be grouped with the distribution of benefits. In 1970, the first four-wheel drive vehicle is a series of Kei enter production. LJ10 Jimnys ¡Shimei had sixteen inches complex, weighed 590 kg, and a 75 km top speed. The engine was quickly upgraded to a 27 HP version, but claimed top speed remained unchanged.

Suzuki Jimny Second Generation (1981-1998)

Suzuki SJ30 May 1981 Hamamatsu, Japan, to start production. In Japan, it was sold as the Suzuki Jimny is a Kei car in both the 550 cc and 660 cc-3 cylinder engine. Suzuki SJ410/413, Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Sierra, Suzuki Potohar (Pakistan), Suzuki Caribbean (Thailand) and extended: SJ series with a larger engine and for export purposes, where it was sold with a multitude have broadened, Suzuki Katana (Indonesia) , Chevrolet Samurai, Holden drover (Australia) and Maruti Gypsy (India).  SJ30 Jimny 550 was mainly for Japanese domestic market consumption where it suited Kei car category. LJ50 is still driven by the engine used in its predecessor, Jimny 550 a considerable margin the last two-stroke engine was built in Japan. Production ended with the withdrawal of approval 5A-engined brother, JA71 behalf in November 1987. Two Japanese during the off – road favored by the driver due to the higher torque.

Suzuki Jimny third-generation (1998-present)

The 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki is a much more modern design with all new Jimny. A ladder type chassis and a dual ratio transfer case was unlike many competing compact lack 4WDS maintain a low range, and are strictly crossover category. Two bodies-styles are available in export markets: Barcelona Motor Show in May 1999, is a standard hard top and canvas top, and between 1999 and 2009 built only by Santana in Spain. Jimmy to continue his predecessor’s most popular produce market is limited to a few areas in Sierra model replaced. For the domestic market, a 660 cc-K6A engineered version of Kei Jidosha class answers for most Jimny for sale.

A larger 1.3-liter Jimny G13BB JB32 equipped with engines used. Japan January 80 HP G13BB newly designed engine VVT ​​16 – valve engine in 2000, introducing instead, but soft tops was built in 2005 in the Spanish soldiered. In 2004 the diesel loving continental European market, turbo-diesel Jimny JB53, start by Santana and a Renault-built DDiS 1461 cc K9K engine is used. Power was originally 86 HP to 65 HP, but in 2005, the same as the increase in oil version. Living in Britain and Ireland.

The Jimny has a part-time 4WD system. 2WD, 4WD and 4WD-L -‘s dashboard on there are three buttons. 2WD is default when it runs as a RWD. When 4WD is pressed, the front wheel drive with high gears. 4WD-L as low ratio gears in the front axle. Being a part-time 4WD, no center differential or viscous coupling is. Jimny 4WD on normal mode and run the road surface.

Jimny’s vacuum 2WD 4WD lock hubs allow the vehicle up for the travel time at 100 km/h (62 mph) will be. The car stopped shifting range is needed, but there is no need to leave the car. Newer electronic work Jimnys push – button four wheel drive, which require that the car’s clutch down, select neutral and infection with low range is selected.

Suzuki Jimny Off Road

Suzuki Jimny Off Road

Large windows, giving excellent visibility, apart from a rather serious blind spot oversized “B” pillar caused by the Jimny. A large amount of glass also creates a greenhouse effect, and the Jimny a few areas with air conditioning as standard features to come. In Europe, both Hard Top and Canvas Top versions come in JX and JLX specifications. This is the JLX vision “luxury” version of the Suzuki Close – range across the street value of approximately designations,. Jimny cases, JLX roof rails, power steering, power windows, electronically adjustable exterior mirrors, and several interior comfort improvements will be added. Both models include a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission is available. The 2WD option, only available as a 5-speed manual transmission.

In 2009, Suzuki Santana Motor of Spain Canvas Top version, which is then no longer available from the agreement with the stop. Santana Motor went bankrupt in 2011. Souza Ramos Group in Brazil, used under license cars Mitsubishi, Suzuki Jimny 2012 in compensation for loss of production capacity in Brazil will produce Santana Motor. It’s still not known if the Canvas Top version of Brazil will be manufactured. Since 2009, some countries, like Spain, Suzuki and Santana was created by a motor vehicle, according to the support of Suzuki cars but Santana’s cars are not. As Japan, Australia 2007 Suzuki Jimny Jimny Sierra carries the name, mainly because of the small Sierra, capable off road vehicles has become synonymous. Since 1999, GM Colmotores 1.3-liter, 79 HP JB33 name “Chevrolet Jimny” in Bogota, Colombia structure. Suzuki Jimny is also available as a Singapore gray imports.

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