Suzuki Jimny 2014

November 18th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Suzuki

Suzuki Jimny 2014 – The Suzuki Jimny 2014 design has emerged on the Internet, published by the Suzuki fan. The current compact SUV concept took the auto market with a bang. Suzuki takes this concept through the new generation of the Jimny. The Jimny 2014 looks more or less like the most sold worldwide Jimny versions. The new generation will continue to show the Jimny unique grille structure. Jimmy the third generation will be in two segments. The lighter Jimny smaller version that comes in the category of Kei cars in Japan will have a 660 cc engine with the length of the vehicle not exceeding 3.4 meters. The Suzuki Jimny 2014 car means that the car will have a special annual tax and annual Japanese car buyers insurance benefits. The other, bigger Jimny will be broadcast internationally. The two vehicles share the same procedure under the hood, as well as in design.

As for the structure of representation, Suzuki Jimny has a very similar to that observed in previous Jimny Swift some style. The grille, bumper and the A-pillar, everything seems very similar to the concept XA- Alpha, showcased at the Auto Expo 2012. Car headlights have a very different design, looking more aggressive and bold. The Suzuki Jimny 2014 smaller version of the Jimny is square -shaped headlights, but the vast Jimny has more than one rectangular headlight. The Jimny Kei will have three doors due to the limited length 3395mm. The car can also be offered in soft top 2 door. While the international version of the Jimny offer five doors and have a total length of 3.99 meters, ideally to be classified as a small car in India.

The Suzuki Jimny 2014 motor 660 is of the gasoline type turbo DC can be seen from the air inlet cover. Even assuming that most Suzuki Jimny has a capacity between 1.2 to 1.4 liters. Kei Jimny version seems to have no competition in the market as the only manufacturer in this category, Mitsubishi Pajero Mini took out of the race and I do not intend to make further successor. The Big Jimny generates version XA Alpha Production and should be launched in India in 2014. You will also receive the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet, which produces 90 HP and 200 NM of torque.

Suzuki Jimny 2014 Black

Suzuki Jimny 2014 Black

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