Suzuki APV

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The Suzuki APV (All Purpose Vehicle) is Suzuki’s budget MPVC designed in Japan and assembled in Indonesia by PT. Indomobil Suzuki International (the subsidiary of Suzuki). It is powered by 1.5 liter or 1.6 inline-four engine delivering 92 hp. In November 2007, Suzuki released the improved APV named Suzuki APV Arena (APV Type II in some countries). It offers more luxury features with the type Luxury / SGX as flagships. Not just doing some facelift in the exterior but also the interior is changed and improved engine performance.

The Suzuki APVs are exported to countries such as Australia, Algeria, Aruba, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Jamaica, Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines. This version of the pick-up, called the Suzuki Mega Carry, presented to the House in 2011, six years after the IndoMobil Suzuki International been exported to many countries in 2005.

Suzuki APV Luxury

I like the luxury of Suzuki APV was launched in March 2009 two wheel size options, 15 “and 17”. The facelifted in September 2014.

Suzuki APV Arena

This version of APV facelift, the Arena APV was launched in November 2007, instead of the original APVs. Available in three types, Suzuki APV SGX, Suzuki APV GX and Suzuki APV GL. Original Suzuki APV was introduced in 2004, at the time was available in three types, Suzuki APV GX, Suzuki APV GL and Suzuki APV GA. It is still available in two forms with standard changes, Suzuki APV GA, GE and Blind Van.

Suzuki APV Mega Carry

The Go Mega, a version of the pick-up of Suzuki APV, introduced in 2011, which is available in three types, Box, Standard and Xtra Deck Flat.

Suzuki APV VAN

Suzuki APV VAN