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Suzuki Alto USA – Suzuki Alto is a small car designed by Suzuki. The low price and good fuel economy make selling point. Model, which is now on its seventh generation, first launched in 1979 and has been built in many countries worldwide. Alto badge of vehicle is often used in Japan and export markets.

The first generation Suzuki Alto (1979-1984)

The first generation, introduced in May 1979, the 3-door cargo version spokesman for passenger cars, equipped with a folding rear seat with. In that role, Alto T5B 539 cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine, 5500 rpm-production in Note 28. Alto “is a micro sensation” when introduced, its lowest price in ¥ 470.000 is due. The Japanese market for commercial vehicles and a number of special concessions as possible, unlike a spokesman for the engine does not need two catalysts. For more than two doors stores, products exempt from tax. Alto was a sensation, and other producers such as Subaru came quickly.

January 1981, 5A four-stroke 543 cc known from the spokesman for 28 Note also installed, but the rpm-6000. Torque was very low, 5.3 and 4.2 kg · m decline. This year, 1981, that it is found in the UK market, as Suzuki began selling cars there that year.

In export markets, Alto version of the passenger car market, as well as the advertising, “Suzuki blossoming” as the Australian market. It was the four-door hatchbacks, not only an opening rear window. The domestic version of the vehicle, which exports only 4WD version in October 1983, a ten-inch units dissimilar to the twelve-inch wheels are available. 4WD “Snow LINER” thus gained an extra 2.5 centimeters of ground clearance. Suzuki two-stroke engine that was held for more than a half-decade of its Japanese competitors eventually market pressures and ever tightening emissions regulations by a September 1981 Alto in his last spell. Jimny, however, as late as 539 1987 cc engine.

Suzuki Alto Second Generation (1984-1988)

The second generation began in September 1984. It SS40’s 5A with the engine, but turbocharged and multi-valve engines were mainly “work” series available. December is a four-wheel drive version was added in 1984. Performance version of the Alto first appear in 1985 when a turbocharged engine was made available. Works more slowly in February 1987 with the release of the performance-related changes. Note 64 to the Alto was the first Kei-car to reach the legal limit. The model obtained with considerable popularity, is still made by Fujimi. In October 1985, for a 5-door body.

In July 1986, CA/CC71 rather been given a facelift to a thorough CA/CC72. Games wraparound headlights, a new dash and interior, the new ITL rear suspension (Isolated Drag Link), a three link rigid setup heralded. A “Walkthrough Van” in January 1987, while on the other end of the spectrum, personal CA/CC72 Coupe Cervo 1988 on the base of the engine with a new 547 cc F5B was established. In August 1987, higher spec Altos became a 3-speed automatic rather than the 2 speed with which it has been used.

Suzuki Alto Third Generation (1988-1994)

Third Generation (CL/CM11) September 1988 CA71 replaced. It was a co-spokesman for Alto latest generation of models. This strikingly unusual angle for a 5 – door plastered with C pillar styling,. Another curiosity of this generation was the sliding door, “Slide Slim”, to enter and exit simplify the tight space with a version available. It is easy loans for old and sick. When was the spokesman for the October 1989 cease-passenger car market Altos version. The CL11 12 – valve engine 42 hp F5B known from the SS71 Cervo, but with an additional 34 hp low – 6-valve version of the feature version. A 46 hp DOHC version is also available in Twin Cam Rl. Passenger car version of the same engine, but all with 2 hp less emissions due to strict control. Fuel – injected, 12 – valve, turbocharged with a SOHC 58 KW (43 hp) or 64 KW (48 KW) DOHC versions come with the model. In addition to a standard 5-speed manual transmission with 3 speed automatic front-wheel drive was available.

Suzuki Alto Fourth Generation (1995-1998)

The fourth generation appeared in 1994. A new high-performance engine 657 cc F6A Note 64 was joined by 658 cc K6A. An interesting combination of styling feature is displayed: tailgate and rear doors are still fairly angular, but the front is not becoming more rounded – a trend that would continue in later years.

Suzuki Alto fifth generation (1998-2004)

In October 1998, the fifth generation Alto. The styling is more rounded cabin Alto’s relationship with the new Suzuki Kei shape. 658 cc K6A engine was now available without a turbocharger, turbo version and the familiar 657 cc F6A engines. the model is a 60 hp F6A turbocharged engine or a 64 hp VVT K6A with her. Front-wheel drive RS / Z is a non-VVT K6A engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission in combination with when it was sold to a claim of 64 hp. In December 2000, the Works versions Alto as to prevent, as an economy version of the realigned. Suzuki Kei Sports picked the ‘mantle up.

Some derivatives of this generation. Suzuki two “classic – style” version: Alto Alto C2 which to work and share with headlights and sidelights separate Alto C with a deep chrome grille and a curious headlamp arrangement with ovoid sidelights and indicators, together with the notification light, and a large grille. Alto is also sold as the Mazda Carol, and Mitsuoka used it as a basis for their songs. Pakistani production began in 2000, based on an old carburetor engine using the F10.  Alto is a car Chevrolet Colombia and Ecuador, one liter, sixteen-valve four-cylinder engine is sold as byabasthasaha.

Suzuki Alto Sixth Generation (2004-2009)

Sixth generation launched in 2004. Bonnet and headlights in front of the bow, a Toyota Citroën C2 sixth or similar effect. Alto is a less expensive car realigned as new models such as the Cervo and Alto Lapin unification. More powerful engines, others like the Suzuki Kei Works and Alto Lapin SS more upmarket version, removed 54 Note’ll only version of the Alto. Japan, Alto as a version of the Nissan Pino and Mazda Carol rebadged.

Suzuki Alto 2013

Suzuki Alto 2013

Suzuki Alto Seventh Generation (2009-present)

He was a seventh-generation 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is the first of its sister car, the Mazda Carol. It has been developed with a 0.66L engine, a 5 speed manual, a 4-speed automatic or a CVT gearbox, Fwd or 4WD mode. Japanese 10-15 test cycle, CVT with front-wheel drive 24.5 km liter fuel consumption reaches. Suzuki is a new model of “Alto K10” advanced. Powered by 998cc three-cylinder unit displaced. Engine class  and only 1.0 liter twin cam engine is the best unit in the Suzuki Cup. 68PS 6200rpm at 3500rpm and torque of the engine at the 90nm production. 5-speed gearboxes and the engine will be operating easily. The Alto’s feeling a little better. And more refined engine is not as hard as contemporaries. Weight capacity is an impressive 88.88PS images per tonne.

Suzuki Alto Blue

Suzuki Alto Blue

Suzuki Alto European market version of the Maruti Suzuki A Star was unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It is better to be a global car and Manesar, Haryana, Maruti Suzuki’s plant in India was. This is a Suzuki – Star concept is based on the stylistically. Alto High oil prices and global warming has been conceived as a response. Vehicle’s emissions will not only section 103g CO2/km. This is an eco – friendly car price to be between £ 6.795 OTR. Maruti Suzuki A Star is produced for Nissan, its version is called Nissan Pixo.

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