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Lincoln, officially the Lincoln Motor Company, is a luxury car brand of American manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Shown among the top luxury brands in the United States, Lincoln has competed tight against the Cadillac for almost all of its existence. Lincoln has the distinction of creating a luxury car segment, with Lincoln Continental entering mass production in 1940. Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, calling it after Abraham Lincoln; in 1922, Lincoln was bought by Ford. After the Second World War, Ford formed the Lincoln-Mercury Division, linking Lincoln with its Mercury brand until 2010.

In 2012, Ford renamed the Lincoln division with its original name, Lincoln Motor Company. Originally founded as an independent division over Lincoln, Continental was integrated into Lincoln in 1959. The brand of Continental brand was shown through Lincoln starting in 1968, adapting Lincoln’s name in 1986. The Lincoln star emblem stems from a symbol used previously by the continental continent of 1956.

Lincoln Cars Logo

Lincoln Cars Logo

Following the sale of Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, and Volvo and Merkur’s closure, Lincoln remains the luxury car of Ford Motor Company. Lincoln’s current product range consists of sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. Outside the retail markets, Lincoln has produced limousines and livery vehicles throughout its existence, with some examples used as the official state limousine for US Presidents. In 2017, Lincoln sold 188,383 vehicles globally. Outside North America, Lincoln vehicles have been officially sold to the Middle East (except Iran and Syria), China and South Korea.

Lincoln Brand History

Since 1958, Lincoln has used a four-headed star as its trademark logo. Embedded in the Continental Mark II in 1956, the four-pointed star has undergone different changes in appearance but has remained virtually unchanged since 1980. In 1927, Lincoln received a hook as a hooded outfit used in the 1930s As a replacement for the retriever, Lincoln adopted a hood helmet hatchery, used before World War II. In the front table, Lincoln adopted a red cross. After the war, Lincolns adopted an embossed rocket capsule until the four-point star approves of Mark II.

Lincoln Motorsport

Although a luxury partition, Lincoln did not miss the engine. Like all American brands of the 1950s, Lincoln participated in the Grand National Stock Car series. They would continue in the 1980s until the Winston Cup Series, diminishing in a Chevrolet-Pontiac-Ford issue in the 1990s.

Lincoln SUV

Lincoln SUV

Continental Mark VII took place in the Trans-Am Series in 1984 and 1985 without much success, with the best result being a ninth country. Lincoln has also enabled prototypes, Le Mans, acting as a replacement for Ford in the American series Le Mans.

Lincoln Presidential Car

During the 20th century, Lincoln produced several official state limousines for United States Presidents, by Franklin D. Roosevelt in George H. W. Bush. Along with the production of the first presidential limousine built, Lincoln produced two of the first armored Lincoln vehicles for residential use.