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Jaguar logo – Jaguar Land Rover Ltd was formally established in December 2012 as a multi national Whitley British car manufacturers, Coventry, England, Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, the Indian car manufacturer Tata Motor Company, a wholly owned subsidiary headquarters.

Jaguar Swallow Shipping Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922, mainly motorcycle sidecars before developing passenger car production. After World War II, the SS Jaguar name initials to avoid the unfavorable connotations of the switch. British Motor Corporation in 1968, and was later merged with the state as a sale Leyland Motor Corporation British Leyland Jaguar on the London Stock Exchange in 1984, and is a compilation of the FTSE 100 index by Ford in 1990 has been achieved. Jaguar in recent years, but the British Prime Minister, the most recent delivery built an XJ cars for May 2010. In addition, HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Charles holds royal warrant.

Whitley Jaguar Cars Jaguar Land Rover factory in Coventry and at their site in Warwickshire Gaydon engineering center, was designed and created Jaguar Castle Bromwich assembly plant near Birmingham. Swallow Shipping Company in 1922, two motorcycle enthusiasts, William Lyons and William Walmsley 1935 by NS Ltd Cars for SS Jaguar name appeared for the first time by a 2.5-liter engine was established, which was a sporty model SS 90 and SS 100.

Cash was shortly after the Second World War, and Jaguar plant and premises of Motor Panels, a pressed body steel manufacturing company in the late 1930s, when the growth was likely to provide more sales. The buyer was Rubery Owen. However, their early postwar models, Jaguar relative commercial success achieved in other Coventry-based auto-makers and the company was difficult for black Standard Motor Company the plant where Standard built the six-cylinder engine is able to buy a Jaguar given.

Jaguar made his name by producing a series of eye-catching sports like XK 120 1949 XK 140 and XK 150 and 1961 E-Type cars in advance. It was successful and “value for money” mantra embodied Lyons. They were successful in international motorsport, will follow a path to product engineering integrity of the company in 1950. Jaguar sales slogan years was “Grace, Space, Speed”, a mantra recorded in seven, “embodies IX, MKS I and II saloons and later the XJ6 sales reach.

After World War II succeeded Bill Lyons was the twin-cam straight-six engine, a design conceived pre-war and design staff in Split Coventry plant fire their time between the observer and the design of a new power station. In this context, countries, pre-war levels for automobile race was “double knocker”, or Twin Cam engine. New Jaguar engine was a half cross-flow cylinder head with valves inclined to the vertical, inlet and outlet for 45 degrees and 30 degrees and 45 degrees and standard.

Jaguar XK engine in the E-Type

Dome, flat and hollow: If ratings octane fuel were relatively low from 1948, three piston configuration. Main designer, William “Bill” Heynes, Walter “Wally” Hassan assistance Twin OHC unit design. By Bill Lyons doubt Hassan agreed. This is what was seen as a motor racing or low-volume and cantankerous required constant fettling and reasonable volume production car is dangerous to accept the application.

Ford Motor Company Jaguar generation

The U.S. and UK shareholders Ford Jaguar’s offer to buy their shares in November 1989 did London Stock Exchange listing removed Jaguar’s February 28, 1990. In 1999, 2000, Land Rover from Ford’s new prime minister, Aston Martin, Volvo Cars, and beside the car group. Aston Martin was subsequently sold in 2007. Ford bought Jaguar in 1989 and 2008, the Dearborn-based automaker to sell to earn a profit.

Under the ownership of Ford Jaguar S-Type, which in 1999 and 2001 X-type with a wide range of products in its range. 2000 Land Rover buy from Ford, it is closely associated with Jaguar. Many countries have a common sales and distribution network, and some models now share components, but it was only shared production facility is Halewood Body and X-Type and the Freelander 2 to the Council. However, the two companies effectively is a common Pag Ford was in the context of integrated management.

June 11, 2007, Ford announced that sales at Jaguar Land Rover, plans and Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and HSBC retained by counsel. The sale is expected to be announced by September 2007, but was delayed until March 2008. Chemistry, such as the UK’s private sector partner, TPG Capital, Ripplewood Holdings, Cerberus Capital Management and U.S. Equity Partners, a consortium of India’s Tata motors and Mahindra and Mahindra (auto manufacturer from India) and Apollo Management all initially formed capital firms of Ford Motor Company Marques interested in purchasing.

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type Convertible at the 2012 Paris Motor Show Goodwood Festival in June 2012 to follow his speed, and the legendary E-Type as a successor of the bill to show. Jaguar C-X16 2011 concept car at the Frankfurt motor show was developed for a positive response. AJ126 V6 petrol engines, two petrol variants and AJ133 V8 engine, sales will start in 2013 with three engine choices.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF is a mid-size executive car introduced in 2008, the S-Type replacement text. In January 2008, the XF car paint? Car of the Year “prize-year Executive Car. XF was awarded the What Diesel Car of the Year 2008? Magazine XF 2.2-liter I4 engines are available and 3.0-liter petrol engine or a 3.0-liter V6 V6 and 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine 5.0-liter supercharged engine. XFR form is available, 2011, 2.2-liter diesel engine of the Land Rover Freelander. been given a facelift as part of the series been added.

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ is a full size luxury car. 1968 is the last year of production of the first model generation Jaguar car company’s founder, Sir William Lyons had no creative input. In the beginning of 2003, the third generation XJ arrived in showrooms and while the car’s styling was traditional look, the car completely redesigned. Style motoring journalist who claimed that the car looked old-fashioned and only his predecessor, also cited “Lyons line” translated by Mark 2 Mark 3 XJ, even at a loss compared to modern criticism has attracted many of Shell, however, lies a building advanced aluminum XJ will be very near the top of his class.

Fourth generation Jaguar XJ, 2009, with the launch of the criticism launched in response. Exterior styling is youthful, current residence is a departure from the last XJS, move the design in effect before the company’s XF and XK with the following model. XJ Supersport 5 liter V8 engine in the car from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds, faster than you can, and in the United Kingdom 289 ratings CO2 g  emissions. Limousine reached the market, all XJ models are an option, as the wheelbase increased rear legroom.

Jaguar Logo Wallpapers

Jaguar Logo Wallpapers

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK is a great luxury tourists began in 2006, replaced in XK8 1996. XK a aluminum bodywork monocoque, and both two-door and two-door coupe convertible available.

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