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Jaguar XJ Review – Jaguar XJ is the designation that the full-size luxury cars sold under the British Jaguar marque was used for a series. First title to be launched in a series of 1968 Jaguar XJ model was used to ship a year. The original model was the last Jaguar saloon Sir William Lyons, founder company data. In the current Jaguar XJ 2009. XJ6 2.8 liter and 4.2 liter straight-six cylinder versions of the famous Jaguar XK engine, Jaguar saloon in 1960, replacing expanded to four separate ranges. Besides the engine, the other large churches Jaguar IRS unit transferred independent front suspension subframe wide X Mark and the geometry of the 1955 revision of the previous model was to get the first liter version 2.4.

Jaguar XJ Series 1, 2 and 3 (1968-1992)

“Series” is generally said, XJ line was facelifted for Autumn 1973 1974 model. 4.2 LI -6 XJ6 (most popular in the UK) and 5.3 L V12 3.4 XJ12 XK engine available in 1975 and continued with the addition of a version of L. Series II models have poor build quality, Jaguar Matters extensive trade problems, at the same time the pressure in the industry in England is part of the British Leyland group is assigned, and known problems inherent in developing certain delays Luke source components.In In 1979 facelifted XJ, and is known as the “Series III”. Using the long-wheelbase version of the car,, XJ6 Pininfarina including a subtle redesign.

Foreign SII and more often in the most significant changes are made with decorative chrome only on the top-heated rubber bumpers, flush door handles for increased safety, a piece of glass door, a separate 1/4 light without a grille with only vertical vanes, once Great narrow rear light clusters and a boat cellar and growing area frame glass a revised daklyn removed.

V12 5.3 L, 4.2 L and 3.4 L straight-six engine with six straight point. Larger six-cylinder, V12 Bosch fuel injection model is covered in small, six-cylinder Carbureted. 3.4 L six-cylinder engines in the U.S. is not small. Short wheelbase XJ sedan and coupe series skipped in recent years. The third model is the introduction of a series of the first XJ model without roof and cruise control option.

Jaguar XJ X350 and X358 (2003-2009)

In 2003 the third generation modified Jaguar XJ (X350 also known as) is not active, an all aluminum body – Integrated. In addition, the new engine is a V6 engine, a bigger interior and luggage space with an XJ6 badge. 3.5 and 4.2 liter V8 engine and a large degree, as well as a supercharged 4.2-liter is offered. Light weight machine matching 3.0-liter V6 petrol 2.7-liter V6 diesel V6 version next role given to prevent it. A new six-speed automatic transmission, which was easy and all gears and a larger spread of the reserve ratio is better equipped for the economy.

All the self-leveling air suspension at the rear as it is equipped with adaptive damping. Jaguar and other manufacturers offer different ride height or suspension full control of the computer is not controlled by the driver. Dynamic stability control, as well as increased quality control. Two climate control standard long-wheelbase model was available with four-zone. An optional touch screen interface controlled default settings, satellite navigation, Alpine sound system, Bluetooth phone. “Jaguar Voice” Voice control of many functions.

Jaguar XJ 2013

Jaguar XJ 2013

Jaguar XJ X351 (2009)

In July 2009, a new style XJ Saatchi Gallery in London brought to light with Jay Leno and Elle Macpherson discovered a new car, it was. Website Jaguar covers broadcasting live. Ian Callum, Jaguar’s new design direction with the pace, it’s a whole new XJ Series exterior design and a break from the mold performed on all previous generations. It is a long drive, wide looks much bigger in front of his clear predecessor.The ties with the executive car XF, although with slimmer, brought light and a larger image, rectangular grille and more aggressive. Controversial part of the back, like nothing Jaguar has shown. Right, swooping taillights, a cat’s claws, and black roof panel, rear screen, which aim to hide the XJ’s width on each side with the nickname, the most interesting aspect. There is also a standard full-length sunroof, just a body colored roof panel that stretches all the way back to the designer compares bridges on yachts.

Jaguar XJ 2012

Jaguar XJ 2012

New XJ is an innovative, all-LCD dashboard and console displays the properties. Besides mandatory speedometer dials shows virtual dashboard can be configured. Display driver and passenger comfort of the comments, with a sophisticated video and audio system controls are also shown. Mike Cross, one of the first engineers, spoke of “new Jaguar XJ dynamics” Auto car an interview with me.

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