Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014

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The Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 impressed with the style of the mid-size crossover and found that make it a good alternative for many models average size in the market as the Nissan Murano, Ford Edge and the Toyota Venza. It was also just the right size to attract potential buyers looking for smaller vehicles like the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford Escape. For couples, singles and small families active, it fits perfectly. But Hyundai knew it was not the most suitable for everyone, especially larger families and grandparents who still want something they can move around the big booty in a chronicle without-heavy hip minivan or SUV complete picture of the rest of the time saddled.

Somewhat counter intuitively sport replacing the previous two-row Santa Fe and Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 is Veracruz replace his one-year absence from the lineup. Only a few inches more wheelbase and the length of their sports brethren, the three rows of Santa Fe adds enough to make a solid case for themselves. We tested newly redesigned 2014 Kia Sorento and were disappointed not to take such a comprehensive engineering redesign, Kia the opportunity to expand it to make a recording of the third row.

Accommodation in the third row Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 are much more hospitable than the Sorento. Although I would not go so far as to call it spacious for the occasional need to carry more than four passengers, are good. Hyundai even thoughtfully put temperature controls in the third line for passengers as comfortable as possible. Both the second and third row seats can be folded into the rear cargo area. The third row is folded with a tug on the leash, while the second row is folded by a bolt release on the side of the cargo area. However, fits really require much creativity load, because the front passenger seat folds flat.

In addition, Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 inner flexible Hyundai Santa Fe gave a total 5,000-pound towing capacity. This is in the upper class crossing medium sized Ford Explorer and 2013 Nissan Pathfinder is. The preparation package, the engine-which contains oil and transmission coolers in all non-sports Santa Fe models include. Customers who want to tow, will be able to install your trailer hitch receiver aftermarket or go with a dealer-installed unit will be available in time for the 2014 summer holiday season.

On paper offers the Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 3.3 liter direct injection V6 with enough horsepower 290 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque, but peak torque is a high 5,200 rpm. In comparison, the maximum torque is optional 2.0-liter turbo GDI on Sport and 269 pound-feet comes on at just 1750 rpm with a good long flat plateau up to 3000 revolutions per minute.

Consequently, the seat of the pants torque delivery of the two engines could not be different. The torque on the turbo four peaks vote early and in schools. In contrast to the 3.3 V-6 has accelerated to be really moving. Fortunately, the engine in response to inputs and speed is free to strangle. In addition, the soft, shipped fast to slow six-speed automatic in anticipation of the power requirements in the driver’s side and set the engine in the meat of its power band. Heat-management perspective, the naturally aspirated V-6 is probably a better option for the Santa Fe as would have been 2.0 turbo, but the difference in torque delivery is a stark contrast. Fortunately, the 3.3 V6 is not unpleasant sound under the lash, wanting, soft growl from idling near the red line. We had no time to test the model during his time with us, but a time of 0-60 in the medium-high seven seconds to zone 8 -flat seems likely.

From the B-pillar forward, the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited  is a virtual clone of the sport, with the same hexagonal -themed interior design and cabin tech features. As for the specifications of our testers, we saw “HD Radio ” is listed as a feature, but AM stations in the area we know simulcast in HD still sounded confused. When we entered the system configuration, so we were greeted with several rows of small granular configurability icons for many of the vehicle functions. Once we found the audio adjustment setting to activate HD AM and FM, and learned soon offer audio crisper AM HD.

As for the configuration, Hyundai continues to implement its driver-selectable direction that gives the possibility of ” Comfort “, “Normal ” and ” Sport” settings. Changes the direction only with the level of support. As for the Kia Sorento, the role was something inauthentic. Potential buyers can play with it on the test drive and new owner can prove the three settings during the first few weeks of ownership, but probably set it and forget quickly. We found the ” comfort ” setting still worrying increase overrepresented normal, thin, light and has a little tighter. We would be happy with either of these two as default.

On lap two tons, more or less weight a little more than six seats FWD and AWD front seven, the Santa Fe is no featherweight and is about 300 kilos heavier than his brother of two rows. However, the character agile, easy to drive Sport model moves largely intact, which was one of the stated aims of the Engineering team. Compared to the benchmark recognized-Class of Mazda CX-9 for driving dynamics, which would give a slight edge to Mazda for steering precision, but give Santa Fe a contract to be a little easier on the legs, probably because in large part to his 400 + pound weight advantage over the larger Mazda.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 Limited Release

Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 Limited Release

In terms of value, it makes the Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 a good case for himself. With many well-equipped examples in this class simply between high $ 40,000 mark our example Limited AWD totaled $ 38,730, including destination. The only notable feature of our test device missing a driver disk space. Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2014 is pretty far, the volume to be a leader in the segment of mid row crossover, but Hyundai another arrow in your quiver at the midpoint of the segment you want, and for a modern package, full of customer value SMEs.

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