Honda Type R

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The Honda Type R are the most powerful sports models of the Honda automaker. Shigeru Uehara, sports model development engineer, and Nobuhiko Kawamoto, Honda’s CEO from 1990 to 1998, were behind the program. The Honda Type R (R for ” Racing “) has been designed for racing, with a minimum of equipment for minimum weight and maximum performance. At first, the Type R were destined for racing, then they were launched on a wider market, open to the public in search of cars without concessions. For the Japanese manufacturer, the R range is a way to enjoy the experience and notoriety acquired in F1. They have the reputation of having a very good engine capable of very high rotational speed, a powerful chassis, and suspensions at the height.

The tradition is that the Honda Type R models are white with a red Honda logo in reference to the first Honda victory in F1. This took place at the Mexican Grand Prix in 1965 won by the RA 271 which had this color. They also carry logos Honda Type R on the sides and the trunk. As for their interior finish, their signature is the presence of red Recaro bucket seats, a Momo steering wheel and a titanium shift knob and white rims. The famous Belgian car driver Paul Frère participated in the development of the first models.

Honda NSX Type R

This is the first of the type R. 120 kg, the weight gained by the Honda NSX type R on its base counterpart which itself was very light due to its structure entirely composed of aluminum. Front, rear and aileron covers are made of carbon. A part of the box linkage is made of titanium. It is cleared of soundproofing but features Enkei magnesium wheels, Recaro SP-A carbon buckets, and a Momo steering wheel. His engine earned him 6 horses.

Honda Integra Type R

Introduced as early as 1994 on the Japanese and American markets, it entered the French market in the spring of 1998. Integra Type R will be broadcast only two years in approximately 400 copies. In December 1998, she was voted Sporting of the Year by the motorsport magazine Exhaust in front of the Hommell Berlinetta RS and the BMW Z3 M.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic VII Type R (EP3) (2001-2006) and Version 1999 and 2000 (EK9) are also available in the hatchback model. 30th-anniversary version: Special series sold in Europe to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Honda Civic. More than 400 change points with the normal version; Ranging from window seals to valve springs. It inherits the look of the JDM version with red Recaro buckets, red floor mats, black tinted rear windows, a titanium shift lever and a Momo steering wheel. At the mechanical level, its characteristics remain the same and it has been lightened by 10 kg compared to the normal version (probably the difference in weight of the buckets). The colors available: light gray, black and red.

Honda Type R GT

Honda Type R GT

Honda Accord Type R

Honda Accord Type R was presented at the Paris show in 1998 and is the result of the work of the team of Kenzo Suzuki. Thus, Honda entered the category of sports family. Its 4-cylinder VTEC engine delivers high-level performance and allows it to stand up to similar models equipped with 6 cylinders. Thanks to a very fine chassis focus, this sedan shows great agility.