Honda Pilot Review 2014

November 26th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

The 2014 Honda Pilot is ready for later this year and if you think it is definitely one of the best cars for 2014. The Japanese brand your 2014 Honda Pilot is a crossover SUV is model that offers a combination of the best features of a car and a van. As such, it is intended primarily as a family car. The 2014 Honda Pilot is a spacious and practical interior, a high level of safety, fuel economy, better handling and comfort. The 2014 Honda Pilot is not substantially modified the car to its predecessor ! Just wait minor changes in the model and a great big redesign of the entire model in the Honda Pilot can be expected in 2015.

The new 2014 Honda Pilot runs slight increase of 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine I -VTEC 250 HP at 5,700 rev/min. and 343Nm at 4800 U/min. (Along with a 5-speed automatic transmission), has the VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) Honda to reduce fuel consumption (in other words, the system changes two or three cylinders when you want to reduce energy consumption). New pilot or 4849 mm long, 1,994 mm wide, 1,847 mm high, the wheelbase is 2,774 mm and 17-inch wheels (with tires 245/65/R17).

According to other sources, the 2014 Honda Pilot is a 1.6-liter four is-cylinder engine with a CVT is. In European countries, Honda will offer the end user to fit their vehicles. Meanwhile, in the United States, this edition is published hybrid cars. It is expected that the car will have front wheel drive. Experts suggest that the best combination of low cost and powerful enough car, it is not so ” down ” quality, but save on some things !

Also information that Honda has made? Progress in other technological innovations. We’ve known for some time that the Japanese automaker is placed high in the United States, and that their cars from generation to generation, increasingly driving the roads of America, and not only there, but also in Europe and the world. This is a great car, however, as there are a variety of movements say it will not be easy driving in city driving !

Prices for 2014 Honda Pilot only be a token amount of your model-to increase in 2013. This means that an LX base model starts at around $ 30.750 with the EX sales volume of about $ 32,500, leather-upholstered EX- L at about $ 34,750, and a fully loaded Touring seat entertainment rear-matrix system and navigation includes around $ 41,000.

Add about another $ 1600 for AWD equipped versions of previous models. We do not expect Honda does not offer separate options for the 2014 pilot other than a navigation system for about $ 2,000 and rear DVD system for about $ 1,600 to the EX- L.

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