Honda Pilot changes 2014

November 25th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

The 2014 Honda Pilot is definitely one of the best crossover SUV has been on the market. Its boxy attracts many admirers, and can accommodate up to eight passengers. If the third line down, you get more space in the trunk. This SUV is very convenient, and we all want to know if the 2014 Honda Pilot comes with a new design.

The 2014 Honda Pilot is definitely one of the best cars when it came on the market, and we expect this year yet. This model is already known as one of the cars most consistent and highest quality in the world, and certainly one can regret not buying this awesome vehicle. In addition to quality offers excellent performance with a high level of seating comfort system. This car offers a smooth ride than ever.

The 2014 Honda Pilot many updates are performed automatically, including automatic climate control, rear view camera, outside lights, auto internal memory 2GB, USB, Bluetooth, cruise control and steering wheel controls. These are the more popular properties in the car model is a hot cake of year when many people want to add to their lives. With a luxury car with a high level of comfort and functionality with the latest features is the need of modern times that this car can easily meet.

But do not expect major changes in the external model for 2014. It is expected that the most important changes and taken inside. But surely expect the redesigned 2015 Honda Pilot reached significance.

Our expectation is that the official presentation of the 2014 Honda Pilot is the end of the year, maybe early November. Since this model is an updated version of 2013-the Honda Pilot, we expect a slightly higher price. Crop price expected result for the LX model is equipped to be $ 30,700, the price for the model with EX equipment about $ 32,500, while the model with the finish EX- L will be around $ 34,700. The Touring model should be priced around $ 41,000. The buyer may need to add $ 1,600 for AWD versions of previous orders. Alone options such as a navigation system and rear DVD system are on EX-L for about $ 1700.

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