Honda Pilot 2014

November 18th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

The Honda Pilot 2014 is a model that is expected to appear on the market in the coming years. We are confident that the Honda Pilot 2014 is a market leader due to its improvement provided compared to the last model. What attracts customers look and paintings sympathy many places inside the cabin. Although the Honda Pilot 2014 is a very similar to the previous model comes to us with a lot of innovation.

Inside the cabin with seating for eight passengers and is very comfortable. Honda Pilot 2014 offers a trip very safe and comfortable that you do not have to now. Honda Pilot 2014 is a family car first. With the innovations it brings in terms of safety, fuel consumption, comfort while driving Honda Pilot 2014 will certainly be a market leader. This model can be extended with a wide range of devices, such as automatic climate control, rear view camera, outside lights, auto internal memory 2GB, USB, Bluetooth and cruise control. With this range of equipment Honda Pilot 2014 is definitely wearing the badge of the modern car.

Honda Pilot 2014 is 4850 mm long, 1,995 mm wide and 1,850 mm high, 2,775 mm wheelbase. This model will move. 17 inch wheels Third row seats in this model is much more comfortable than before. When the third row seats folded down, we receive a lot of capacity. Honda Pilot 2014 will be installed by minut 3.2-liter V6 engine with an output of 250 hp at 5700th This engine will be aligned to a 5-speed automatic transmission. This engine has a new technology called VCM (Variable Cylinder Management ), the two or three locking cylinders, if you want to reduce fuel consumption. Honda Pilot 2014 with this new technology is regulated both consumption. Honda Pilot 2014 is an optional unit in the four wheels.

Honda Pilot 2014 Design

Honda Pilot 2014 Design

According to some rumors, the price of the Honda Pilot 2014 is slightly higher than the price of its predecessor.  The Honda Pilot 2014 price for the LX model is around $ 30,800 for the EX model about $32500 for the EX-L model is around $ 34,800. The most expensive model car is the Touring model, be the price at around $41500, prices for Honda Pilot 2014 only be a token amount of your model to increase in 2013. This means that an LX base model starts at around $ 30750 with the EX sales volume of about $ 32,500, leather  upholstered EX- L at about $ 34,750 and a fully loaded Touring seat entertainment rear matrix system and navigation includes around $ 41,000.

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