Honda Fit 2014 SUV

November 13th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

Honda Fit 2014 SUV – Honda will begin in September 2014, Honda launched Fit SUV model lost sales leadership initially tried again for the Toyota Prius hybrid and soon smaller version, the Aqua (Prius C). Also, the compact Honda is shifting to third place in the ranking with the Nissan Note, which shows the age of the current fiscal year 2007 model.Keeping the same format as previous generations, the new Honda puts more wrinkles on the sides and base of the curved glass, jade inherited the concept. The front contains elements of current models of the brand and rear of the car perhaps the most controversial, taillights remind some Volvo models. Compared to the current car, increases the length of 5 cm and 3 cm wheelbase.

Honda Fit 2014 Interior SUV gains refinement and a larger interior with 6.5 inches of legroom and trunk of 1.33 m (stitching on the instrument panel, audio and air conditioning controls touch plastic finish and much higher) wide and 70 cm long-According to the company, with the rear seats folded, you can use a sofa.

Used SUV Honda Fit 2014 engines, the 1.3 (99 HP), 1.5 (130 HP) and 1.5 hybrid (Atkinson cycle, 30 118 HP) are a new family of ” Earth Dreams ” in Kei cars and NN -One debuted-box. Promises lower fuel consumption-28 km/l in 1.3, 23 km/l in 1.5 (22 km/l in the RS version) and 36 km/l in the hybrid, the new 2014 number Fit is the top of the list cheap stay in Japan of cars, however, the data catalog, optimistic as ever.

In Honda Fit 2014 offered petrol SUV gears, the CVT and manual 5:06 (this is only in the RS Fit). The hybrid version gets a (dual clutch transmission) 7-speed iDCT-compact primacy in the Japanese (and the gear selector is different from the others, following the same pattern of Toyota hybrids). All models come with the option of four-wheel drive (except RS).

The facilities in the Honda Fit 2014 SUV, the best times for automatic activation of the brakes in the front and obstruction lights with LED type available. It will offer the first of its kind systems. The expected price of the new Honda in the range of 1.3 billion yen or 29,400 reais (1.3 L) to 1.75 million yen or 39,600 reais (1.5 RS). Honda Fit 2014 Hybrid SUV will cost ¥ 1,690,000 ($ 38,240).

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