Honda CRV 2014 Price

November 30th, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

Honda CRV 2014 Price – Honda CRV 2014 has the same width and wheelbase than the previous model, but is a little shorter and shorter, and lighter weight and improved aerodynamics compared to its predecessor. Again Honda people are trying to solve the shortcomings compared to its predecessor, and we think they succeeded. The designers and engineers “Honda ” called the new ” Super Honda CRV 2014 ” to believe that they were able to create the perfect balance between comfort and functionality of a car and SUV safety. Honda CRV 2014 has been agile and aggressive stance with deeper contours of the body and a bolder front design. The reduced front bumper, wide wheels and bold wheel arches emphasize the dynamism and efficiency.

Honda CRV 2014 ‘s interior design philosophy that engineers “Honda “, words that describe “man maximum, machine minimum ” and the car is ergonomically designed and spacious. Fund contributes to significantly reduce engine noise and road. In 2014, Honda CR-V of material placed on sound insulation and sound absorption in the ground under the car, the rear doors, bumpers, door frames, front bulkhead and bonnet. Intelligent Multi-Information Display (I -MID) provides a variety of useful information and driving can be installed choice ” all paper “. There will be more supply of materials when it comes to the seats and on the. Is expected to have a greater supply of equipment for the base model.

When the engine is concerned, it is expected that the new Honda CRV 2014 launch updated versions known engines, including 2.0-liter petrol consumption I- VTEC in the city 22 mpg highway and 30 mpg combined 25 mpg and other consume larger displacement 2.4-liter I- DTEC diesel engine. The new CR-V some information could be a new 1.6-liter diesel engine. Honda CRV 2014 will appear at dealerships in the fall of 2013. Price will go to $ 23,750 LX, $ 26,750 to $ 29,750 for the EX and EX trim package-L.

Honda CRV 2014

Honda CRV 2014


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