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Honda CRV 2013 – Honda CRV is a compact SUV built by Honda in 1995. It was loosely derived from the Honda Civic. “CR-V” for Honda sales literature in UK reportedly references to “Compact Recreational Vehicle” as a flagrant contradiction other Honda references call “comfortable runabout vehicle”. It is a four-wheel and front-wheel drive, both are available in the market.

The global market for Honda Honda CRVin Sayama, Japan, and Swindon, UK producers, in 2007 the North American East Liberty, Ohio, production sites, El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico, in late 2007, and Alliston, Ontario, Canada , in 2012. Dongfeng Honda CR-V is also in Guangzhou Automobile Company, a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Corporation is not produced by the Chinese market. Honda CRV Honda’s smallest SUV element of Canada and the United States, Europe and HR-V sales other than sales. Size, Element and Pilot, but due to Element’s discontinuation during the 2011 model year CR-V current lock, CR-V is Honda’s entry-level SUV as his status had not returned.

The first generation Honda CRV (1995-2001)

Launched in 1995 in Japan, the Honda CRV – Honda’s first SUV designed home. In Japan, Honda CR-V starts at Verno dealers. For the North American market, it is in the 1996 Chicago Auto Show and went on sale in February 1997. After the role-model for a single layer, known as the LX model, it is 2.0 L straight-four B20B hp 128 and 133 pounds · ft torque generator powered by. Integra’s 1.8 L engine for the external dimension of the same engine, but internally the engine had a larger 84 mm bore the extra displacement needed to produce more torque adds. Engine cylinder sleeve one piece of the engine’s combustion chamber to create a series of unique and overlapping. V-shaped leg was a four-wheel suspension with a double birds unibody design. Inside, the rear seats fold down, and a picnic table are stored in the rear floor.

A common external features that are visible in this generation was plastic cladding front bumper, rear bumper and fender wells. In most countries, CR-Vs had a chrome grille, in the U.S., but the same grille as the black plastic bumpers created. A major difference between the LX and EX trims was that the EX-lock brakes and 15-inch alloy wheels while the LX. Driving system options: front-wheel drive or Honda’s Real Time AWD.

The second generation Honda CRV (2002-2006)

Was big and heavy current second generation CR-V is a complete redesign based on the seventh generation Civic Center, and powered by the K24A1 engine. North American versions of the new engine produced 160 hp and162 lb · ft of torque. According to the new SAE regulations, the same engine to 160 hp 156 pounds and · foot Despite the rate of increase, the new CR-V is a previous model and fuel consumption, thanks to the power of the engine i-VTEC system. Newly developed chassis had increased torsional and bending rigidity, while the new suspension when control link MacPherson struts and a rear reactive link double V-shaped bone birds possess; compact rear suspension 72 Cu feet Second-generation CR-V is the cargo space increases to 2002 and 2003 car and driver magazine’s best small SUV. Second generation CR-Vs in both the countries outside North America have a low specification “and” high specification “type, body-colored bumpers and accessories in the market with the modern integrated. This will also open the glass doors to the hanger must be created. Model years 2002, 2003, and minor changes were made in 2004. success of the Honda CR-V is an entry level SUV, expected to ask.

The third-generation Honda CRV (2007-2011)

The third generation CR-V was launched for the 2007 model year. This is unlike the previous model instead of a rear liftgate to open a side door also has rear and front doors are attached to the spare wheel. The new CR-V is lower, wider and shorter than previous models, by reducing the spare wheel and the car behind most of the added responsibility. A low center of gravity to the rear cargo area under the spare wheel is still an advantage. A feature unique to the center rear seat SUV.

Honda’s third-generation Honda CRV 2.4 KL series Inline Four engine is powered by the latest version, which is similar to the current-generation Honda Accord and Honda Element variants can also be found. North American markets, the engine’s power to 166 hp and more than 5800 rpm 161 pounds dressed · ft at 4,200 rpm-market rate. A 2.2 L i-CTDi diesel engine in the European and Asian markets. The European market CR-V is a new R20A 2.0 L petrol engine, Honda engine Honda Civic VTEC SOHC I r-series, as opposed to the previous CR-V offering the K20a on the basis of the proposal.

A new five-speed automatic transmission, which has a higher MPG rating and smooth shifting of the launch of Sport, the manual is excluded from the U.S. market. EPA fuel economy ratings are 20 mpg city, 26 mpg-US Highway. Consumer Reports rates as 19 mpg city 29 mpg U.S. Highway fuel.

Honda CRV North America

In July 2011, Honda CRV concept of a photo was released. The CR-V is on sale December 15, 2011. Honda said: “The new CR-V concept is a unique and bold styling direction embraces compared to the previous generation model of the deep sculpting of the body lines and a bold front fascia with a more aggressive attitude on the screen. . Clever above the lower front bumper ability SUV to wear to hide, while the overall lower front bumper design integrates more smoothly into the fascia for improved aerodynamics, it was the first time the 2002 CR-V is Honda’s entry-level SUV is an element as his brother, he found.

Japan’s Honda CRV

Japan 2012 CR-V November 28, 2011 and sales will start on December 2, 2011. Japan – feature 2012 CR-V 2.4 L and 2.0 L variants. Optional torque 2.0 L 2.4 L of the same off-line acceleration and overall acceleration performance as the model is mated to a continuously variable transmission. Front-wheel drive variant is only available in 2.0 L, 2.4 L optional four-wheel drive only model available.

Honda CRV Thailand

Thailand, 2012 Honda CR-V in the current September 2012. 2.4EL 4WD 2.0E 4WD and 2.0S 2WD variants. They are linked to a five-speed automatic transmission for all. 2.4 EL 18-inch alloy wheels, Smart Entry and Start System, navigation, HID Projector Headlamps and rain-sensing wipers come standard with.

Honda CRV in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the fourth-generation Honda CR-V is the current PT. Honda Prospect Motor in September 2012. 4 formats available: 2.0LM / T 2.0LA / T 2.4LA / T and 2.4LA / T Prestige. 2.4LA / T comes standard with 18-inch wheels, and fog lamps, Chrome – plated door handles, dual-zone automatic climate control, and seats, smart key, start – stop “button, paddle shifters, brake assist, Vehicle Stability Assist allowed (USA), and a electric driver’s seat the Hill – began to help. 2.4LA / T Prestige chrome fog light garnish, exhaust tips and rear backup camera and parking sensor comes with the navigation system. All versions Forward settings and use the RM-3 chassis code

The North American market is different to the CRV, Honda CRV Indonesian slightly revised front bumper, CRV’s use of the same for the Japanese market. The day running lights, side mirror and projector headlights turn signal LEDs without any space for a dedicated headlight under the pre-installed.

Honda CRV EX-L

Honda CRV EX-L 

Honda CRV India

In India, February 4, 2013 in two types, the current generation CR-V, 2.0-liter petrol engine and a 2.4 liter 185 bhp petrol is launched. Optional is a 2.0-liter six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic transmission will be equipped with. An optional 2.4-liter automatic transmission, demand 4-wheel drive system and an Econ mode fuel efficiency of Honda.

Honda CRV Marketing

Super Bowl XLVI will be to the car, Matthew Broderick Honda commercial in which her 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to promote homeja. Honda’s “LEAP list of” commercial ties between the campaign for the Honda CRV. In addition, an improved version of the video released.

Honda CRV Recall

172,000 vehicles because of a problem with the door Honda Recalling latches when the opening of a door that can drive. Remember redesigned 2012 Honda CRV and Acura ILX sedan gets. October 7, 2012, Honda 489 000 Honda CRV models from Europe and the United States the driver’s door power window switch rainwater to vehicles to commemorate the switch can catch fire and overheat.

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