Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

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Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 and Plug-In hybrid, two new entries in the growing hybrid segment midsize sedan are more comfortable than a Prius, more spacious than one volt, go and offer all the usual virtues popular Accord area. Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 and Accord plug-in hybrid adds a couple of new options new hybrid midsize sedan Accord generation. Remodeled and updated for the 2013 model year as gases only, the Accord line for the 2014 model expands both standard and hybrid company extended Plug-In hybrid for the first time.
The Accord Hybrid racing standard hybrid models Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, and Toyota Camry, while the plug -in version competes with the Ford Fusion Energy-a Plug-In hybrid-and the Chevrolet Volt. The 2014 Accord Hybrid style is largely that of the 2013 petrol models redesigned Accord, but with some differences in the details like LED taillights a different grille and front bumper, special aerodynamic wheels. The sedan is a clean, good looking very much in the mold of previous agreements and give Honda designers special praise to maintain a low waist-to improve the driver’s rearward visibility and enable short rear passengers to see the windows.

The Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 137-HP, 2.0-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle operates with ultra-efficient, and has an electric motor-that serves as a generator to charge the battery in engine saturation conditions-in the back wall of the same. A second electric motor that drives the vehicle to the differential, transmitting the power to the front wheels is secured, and the pack charging under regenerative braking.

Unusually, Honda offers great new Honda Accord Hybrid 2014, three different types of operations-all automatically your chosen tax software. It can accelerate electrically up to 30 mph, and fall in purely electric mode under light load at high speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Also acts as a parallel hybrid with the conventional engine and the engine torque contribute together. And at higher speeds, the engine drives the front wheels only, no electrical coupling. But the driver did not necessarily know what happens under the hood when the engine is well damped and goes on smoothly when needed.

With a 6.7 kilowatt-hours of battery Lithium-ion large mounted in the trunk behind the rear seat, plug -in hybrid will be an additional mode. Maybe a volt-such as hybrid series with the motor rotates the first generator to produce electricity that powers the second motor to operate. Back to operating in a load of electric bass, like the hybrid, at speeds up to 60 mph.

The Plug-In hybrid provides the driver with a button ” high voltage” they can run the Plug-In hybrid Accord to operate only as a hybrid to save the state of charge of the battery when you may need them later. There is also a way to ” batch HV “, which keeps the engine to recharge the battery to its maximum capacity electric range later. The Accord Hybrid standard, but do not offer these.

We have not driven the standard Honda Accord Hybrid 2014, although we spent days driving a prototype Accord Plug -In Hybrid. Clearly has a longer electric range and stronger, all-electric acceleration the Prius plug-in. He stays in electric mode under all but the most aggressive driving conditions-and the conditions under which the plug -in Prius would have much to start your engine. The plug -in Accord remained in electric mode up to 45 miles per hour, and often switch back to electric operation with constant throttle speeds up to 60 mph. When the engine was started, it was only loud under acceleration foot down, and even then it was more of a moderate turbine noise the tortured howl of the Plug-In Prius motor.

The only drawback is that we find our Plug-In hybrid significantly heavier than gasoline models felt Accord. Honda could not give us an exact weight difference, but probably several hundred pounds. During handling and roadholding was fine, it felt like a clumsy larger vehicle light, easy pull -around 2,013 Accord petrol engine four cylinders. It was not objectionable, but there was a striking difference in a car that looked more or less the same.

Inside, the Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 is pretty standard-Accord issue with several indicators on the instrument panel and the central touchscreen, more details about the car and provide the operating power consumption. We especially Honda graphics power meter on the left side of the speedometer, which was intuitively easy to demonstrate with a job in the bars in which the engine was turned on when accelerating. Our prototype had an attractive pale gray, silver and black on the inside, with the only bright gold metal scales like the surface of a little black shiny plastic cover as a head scratching piano.

The Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 Plug-In  in particular is on the higher end of the range, with virtually all of the offerings in the top-of-the-line Accord EX- L Motor gasoline, including daytime running lights LED, adaptive cruise control, and other features.  2014 Honda Accord Hybrid went on sale in California in January, and the release of 2014 nationwide Accord hybrid without a plug will begin in October 2013.

Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

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