Honda Accord Coupe 2014

November 21st, 2013 | Comments Closed | Honda

The Accord Coupe EX is the highest trim level can go Accord Cup with both a four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission-Ideal sports for the young man or woman who wants to perpetuate the illusion of sportiness without having to actually get something like a Scion FR- S. The six-speed manual -equipped Accord Coupe EX comes in any color you want as long as it’s black. Standard features include fog lights, power sunroof, a handsfree keyless entry, a rear camera with multiple views, and an engine start and stop recording. No optional accessory storage add-on as cargo nets, the cost of our test model appropriate Accord Coupe $ 25,815.

The new Accord Coupe hole goes quite quickly, accelerating from 0-60 mph in a respectable 6.6 seconds exactly 1 second slower than a manual Accord Coupe V -6, and a tenth of a second faster than the Accord sedan with -4 and my gearbox six speeds. The agreement of two doors, complete the quarter mile in 15.1 seconds at 92.6 mph-not exactly fast, but it is just 0.1 seconds behind the slowest 2012 Civic Si we tested last year. The Accord Coupe needed just 121 meters until you reach a stop from 60 mph.

With less weight in the nose, it is not surprising that the Accord Coupe EX V-6-powered siblings when handling tests exceeded. The V-6 Accord weighs 3367 pounds compared to I -4 3201 pounds, the four top rollers front / rear weight distribution, in addition to reducing weight. The two doors 0.88 g average on the skidpad, and achieved eight total 26.7 seconds at 0.65 g (average) against V-6 Accord Coupe 27.0 seconds time, but not your average 0.68 g. Along the way, the Accord Coupe is comfortable and easy to drive-ideal for sensitive young drivers. It is from the line quickly and without drama, and the only trace of torque steer is at full throttle. The six-speed manual transmission is one of the best in the industry, with crisp shots simple and easy to pick-up clutch, which makes it less tedious in traffic. Associate online editor Alex Nishimoto echo my sentiments : ” The first thing I noticed when I took was the garage MT, the smoothness of the six-speed manual transmission was changing felt intuitive and precise, almost as if the shift lever through magnets made”

The agreement was quiet and comfortable in almost any road surface noise typical Honda throw and is a very attenuated way. The Coupe was efficient, although the compensation of a journey-Computers-indicates 29.5 mpg during its stay with us, just a hair above its 28 mpg combined rating. Unfortunately, unlike Honda yesterday, this Agreement will not win any praise for steering feel. Your opinion is best described as weak and lifeless, and incomplete-deaf on winding roads. The coupe handles quite well, if you trust that the wheels do what they tell them to do, to learn, but overall we were to leave you feeling stronger, or at least one sport button. Accord Management feels disappointed enthusiasts, but the average buyer probably not smart.

Inside, the Accord Coupe is a nice place in general. The cabin is well finished, the cloth seats are comfortable on long trips, and the rear seats are suitable for most people under six feet tall. Our only real complaint with the Agreement within their arms are mounted on the door hard and two screens of the infotainment system. We’re looking at two screens, but no complaints navigation system seems doubly useless. ” It’s stupid to confirm warnings when the car does not have nav” said co -editor Allyson Harwood, ” a warning about distraction if you think you have not distract the navigation screen ? ” On the other hand, the function Bluetooth was a little less intuitive, sometimes refuses to listen to the radio for phone calls.

Honda Accord Coupe 2014

Honda Accord Coupe 2014

The Honda Accord Coupe 2014 is an easy recommendation for me to friends who feel the need to grow faster. It’s comfortable, fun to drive, and meaningful. That also makes it a bit boring, especially when you consider the FR- S is going for the same price with the same level of equipment. Ultimately, people pulling a imagine Accord Coupe considered too mature for boy racer antics Scion, so the deal is a solid buy. ” It is not as smooth as a family sedan,” said Harwood, ” but for someone who wants more than the crop, but do not want something that is too mature, this could be a good choice. “

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