Honda Accord 2014

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The Honda Accord 2014 is one have lithium ion battery larger, the possibility of having to travel a dozen miles on electricity alone. When the battery capacity is automatically a conventional gasoline and electric operation at a given point of the car. This configuration allows the Agreement its electric range of 13 miles, fuel economy of 46 mpg and access a single occupant carpool lanes in California, along with New York, the first sale in 2014, the agreement is limited With faster load times, a lot of physical and modal driving satisfaction associated long electrified venerable Honda Accord sedan make this a tempting option in the emerging field.

Correction based on the top-level Touring, the Honda Accord 2014 has a premium complete cab with a high resolution 8  inch screen with navigation and leather steering wheel. With its focus on respect for the environment, change to reflect color photo of your ride. A green light indicates a high efficiency, while a change to blue is a sign that you are stronger on the accelerator. Keeping with the green theme, seats ” s ” bio -fuels ” of all material things sugar cane. Sacrificing Agreement and folding rear seat boot your petrol model, thanks to its battery.

Honda Accord 2014 is a 2-motor system, which consists of a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine with four cylinders and an electric motor of 124 kW. The lithium-ion battery with 6.7 hours kilowatts and recharges in less than three hours graded on a standard electrical outlet of 120 volts or an hour in a 240 volt outlet. All models are front-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission electronics. Electric Only Maximum range is estimated at 13 miles and total when you factor in the gasoline engine is a tremendously impressive 574 miles. Like other agreements Honda gasoline engine ‘ s works with regular unleaded gasoline.

2014 Honda Accord is available in a single finish and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $ 40,570. The first sales are limited to California and New York. The owners are entitled to receive up to $ 2,500 are still in federal tax credits and incentives more Californians with a tax cut of up to $ 2,500 for the Project Using state clean vehicles.

Honda Accord 2014 Coupe

Honda Accord 2014 Coupe

This is the most expensive of the Accord range, but also the most modern and the most economical. Honda Accord 2014 Price is in line with similarly equipped Ford Fusion Energi and Chevrolet Volt, although the Volt may be entitled to higher tax incentives.

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