2014 Honda Odyssey Release Date

May 10th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Honda

2014 Honda Odyssey Release Date – Honda took advantage of the mid-life refresh of the industry’s best and best-selling minivan a flurry of driver assistance technologies to add. The most striking feature is however HondaVac. It is a built-in vacuum cleaner in the cargo area to collect all the waste food and other junk that the occupants while they were on their way.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey vacuum function will ship on the high-end Honda Odyssey Touring Elite, which will buyers back around $ 45,000 when it goes on sale this summer. Honda was quiet for now on whether it will be offered in cheaper Odysseys, which starts at $ 30,000. Honda is unveiling the Odyssey at the New York International Auto Show, which runs Friday, March 29 to April 7.

If you can get past the soccer mom image, 2014 Honda Odyssey minivans, most fuel-efficient, space-efficient way seven or eight people to haul around. The Odyssey is a solid highway cruiser with bonus driver resources and strongest infotainment. Car lovers will appreciate the cylinder shutdown for fueleconomy and active noise.

On the 2014 Honda Odyssey Elite, at least, you get a host of standard features including lane departure warning, blind spot detection, rear camera and parking sonar, and then collision warning. Honda will offer the innovative passenger-side Lane Watch camera Honda Accord since blind spot detection for both sides is a higher-level technology as a camera for one side. HondaLink infotainment system offer Harman Ha, an integrator of online music, and Pandora, as well via your smartphone. Kerry McClure, a Honda engineer supervision R & D, says it is upgradeable, so if a new application, it can be integrated into the car’s offer. No need to buy a new car. HondaLink read aloud Twitter feeds and Facebook upates.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey is as good as it gets for long-distance cruising with as many as eight people on board. The current, fourth-generation Honda Odyssey arrived in 2011 and we have one of the Ten Best Tech Cars that year for his passenger-drag efficiency. Even so, there are some technology errors Honda should refresh in 2014, especially the lack of adaptive cruise control are addressed. McClure says the car ahead does collision warning, warning of the last resort of ACC, and it is not clear passengers expect ACC in the mid-priced cars. We suspect the $ 1,600 stop-and-ride ACC on just debuted Chevrolet Impala is the breakthrough product that will convince the industry to move ACC to the mid-market.

Small technology matures include one USB jack to be shared among eight passengers, the inability to charge a powered-on iPad via the only Jack, and no seat coolers. Tech and safety gains include a structural redesign that will enable the new Odyssey stricter U.S. front offset crash test, more aluminum parts to reduce weight and LED taillights to pass. The unique 16.2-inch DVD ultrawide rear entertainment system is still on the Touring Elite model; playing it allows two applications side by side, or from the DVD player, HDMI input, or RCA inputs.

The void, officially known as the HondaVac, was built in collaboration with Shop-Vac. It runs to eight minutes when the car is longer than the engine. The car and dirt collection basket in the interior bulkhead just behind the left-right wheel. The pipe and fittings shop so nothing is visible when to put it away. Honda says it’s a dry vaccine, which means as someone spills soda, you can not suck with HondaVac. The snake reaches to the very furthest corners of the front footwells, about a dozen feet away. In demonstrations, the unit was quieter that most shop vacuum systems. As it: Honda reckons “a few hundred dollars” of components and value in HondaVac.

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