2014 Honda Fit

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2014 Honda Fit – 2014 Honda Fit is a small city car, but it’s definitely a big part to play in achieving the goals the company has set for itself, which is an increase of 18% by the end of 2017. year. Although still competitive, fit slowly starting to show his age, and it’s time for improvement. Honda plans to the 2014 Honda Fit on the cost-effectiveness of a leader in the automotive industry to bring.

Although nothing has been confirmed for Honda Fit, Honda announced 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with direct injection. Also not an official specification, but there are indications that this engine will be a 5% fuel efficient. Also, this Honda engine provides 6% improvement in torque. It is estimated the engine will be the new CVT gearbox, with the combination resulting in a 15 percent improvement in acceleration and 10 percent bump in fuel economy.

2014 Honda Fit Spy

2014 Honda Fit Interior

The 2014 Honda Fit engine also features a start-stop system to shut off the engine when the engine is idling, but it is not yet clear if Honda has any plans to bring start-stop technology non-hybrid models in North America .

2014 Honda Fit Concept

2014 Honda Fit Concept

The current fit is rated at 117 hp and 106 pounds-ft of torque, while offering 28 mpg city 35 mpg highway and a combined 31 mpg.

2014 Honda Fit Release Date

2014 Honda Fit Release Date

2014 Honda Fit Release Date

Soon it will be 2014 Honda Fit production in Mexico, and is expected to drive sales to 200,000 units due to the expansion of production lines to increase. Honda plans to the model used as the basis for a new sedan and crossover to fit, but it is not known whether the new models wear sign the 2014 Honda Fit.

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