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Citroen is a Division of PSA Peugeot Citroen group established since 1976 Citroen in 1919 by French industrialist Andre-Gustave Citroen. Citroen has a successful history in motorsport and is the only car-maker with 3 different official championships of the International Automobile Federation to win: the World Rally Raid Championship, the World Rally Championship, and the World Touring Car Championship.

Citroen sold vehicles in China since 1984, and it represents a major market for the brand today largely through the Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen joint venture. In 2014, when PSA Peugeot Citroen in serious financial difficulties, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation has an ownership interest.

The Citroen World Touring Car team won fourteen wins from fifteen first matches of the 2014 WTCC season, despite the lack of 60kg compensation weight to the leading cars. The Citroen / Total WTCC team won the Manufacturer’s Championship WTCC, 5 games before the end of the season, after the 2014 Shanghai race, where Citroen has the first, second, third and fourth place and the fastest lap time. The Citroen World Touring Car Team pilots also the first three ranks of the First World War the drivers’ touring car championship.

Citroen Concept Car

Citroen numerous concept cars produced over the decade’s fame preview future design trends or technology. Notable concepts include the Citroen Karin Citroen Activa, Citroen C-Métisse, GT by Citroen and Citroen Survolt.

Citroen Logo

The origin of the logo back to a trip be traced by the 22-year-old Andre Citroen to town, Poland, where he is an innovative design for a chevron-shaped gear used once discovered Lodz. He has the patent for its application in steel. Mechanical a gear with helical teeth produce an axial force. By adding a second helical gear in opposition, was canceled this power. The two chevrons of the logo represent the intermeshing contact of the two.

The presentation of the Citroen logo has evolved over time. Before the war, it was rendered in yellow on a blue background. After the war, the chevrons more subtle herringbones, usually on a white background. With the company looking for a new image during the 1980s, the logo white on red for an impression of dynamism, emphasized by publicity slogan give.

In February 2009 launched Citroen launched a new brand identity for its 90th-anniversary celebration, the replacement of the 1977 draft. The new logo was designed by Landor Associates 3D metal variation of the double chevron logo accompanied by a new font for the name Citroen and the new slogan “creative technology”. A TV campaign reminiscing about 90 years of Citroen was instructed to announce the new identity to the public. The new look is being rolled out to retailers worldwide and will take expected three to five years.

Founder,André Citroën
Founded, 1919
Headquarters, “Paris, France”
CEO, “Linda Jackson (Jun 1, 2014–)”
Roadside Assistance, “+33 5 49 25 24 24”
Parent Organization, “Groupe PSA”

Citroen Logo

Citroen Logo