2017 Citroen DS4

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2017 Citroen DS4is a passenger car of the compact class Citroen, sold from 2015 as part of its model range. The 2017 Citroen DS4, was on the Mondial de l’Automobile in October 2010 and since May 28, 2011, on the market. Although the 2017 Citroen DS4 replaces three-door coupe version of the 2017 Citroen C4, while the five-door hatchback was a successor to the old name C4, but also has five doors. The handles of the rear doors are similar to those of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, mounted in the window and therefore can not be seen immediately.

Because of this design and the shaping with significantly falling backward roof and side window line marketed Citroën car as so-called “four-door coupe”. The 2017 Citroen DS4 design of the car goes back to the study Citroën DS High Rider but had two lateral doors. Also, the rear window was larger in the series. The (optionally) 2017 Citroen C3, the windshield is very far through the roof, so as to allow a view also obliquely upwards.

2017 Citroen DS4 Design

First unveiled as a concept, the 2017 Citroen DS4 easily guess what would be his style solutions, on time also confirmed in the final version. It must be said immediately that the DS4, with its particular crossover configuration that combines the sportiness of a C-segment sedan, the practicality of a five-door, the ride height saw on some crossover SUV, is to operate in a niche market hardly comparable to another crossover already on the market, a sign of the designers’ efforts to create a different car than usual in a car scene in the second half of the 2000s has tended to diversify in a remarkable, creating new niches and sotto nitchie at many car manufacturers.

The front of the Citroen DS4 2017 model reveals a remarkable aggressiveness combined with a stylistic research aimed at giving a very special personality to the vehicle. Stand out above all the big headlights cut “bad” and inspired in design to those of the new generation of 2017 DS4. The optical assemblies are separated by a large and aggressive grille of the trapezoidal shape which at the top shows the integrated Home logo in the two “whiskers” chromates, the logo which partly penetrates into the bonnet area.

Another chrome line then follows the outline of the entire grille also at the bottom, where it opens a large “mouth” to convey to the bonnet air. The bumper shield, which partially penetrates into the calender same cutting it in two and hosting the housing for the plate, is characterized at the two ends of it from the fog lamps, encased in a sort of niche designed in such a way as to confer greater aggressiveness and personality to the front view.

2017 Citroen DS4 Engine

The 2017 Citroen DS4 is currently with five engines offered, the turbo diesel engines e-HDi 115 (84 kW / 114 hp) and HDi 165 (120 kW / 163 hp), the suction gasoline engine VTi 120 (88 kW / 120 hp) and the turbo Benzine THP 160 (120 kW / 163 hp) and THP 200 (147 kW / 200 hp). The-HDi engines equipped with a micro-hybrid system consisting of the stop-start system and brake energy recovery, the THP 160 is exclusive with a 6-step automatic transmission available. In beginning, there were the HDi 90 (68 kW / 92 hp), HDI / e-HDi 110 (82 kW / 112 hp) and THP 150 (115 kW / 156 hp) engines come with 2017 Citroen DS4.

2017 Citroen DS4 Model

2017 Citroen DS4 Model