2017 Citroen C5

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2017 Citroen C5 is a middle-class passenger car of the French brand Citroen. 2017 Citroen C5 exists as a hatchback and break, now with Citroen ‘Tourer’ called. The Citroen C5 is manufactured since 2001 as a successor to the Xantia. The first generation received a facelift in 2004. 2nd-generation appeared in 2008. Citroen C5 was born from an entirely new project, unusual the floor and the body, the first, despite being almost completely flat, offered a greater structural rigidity than the Xantia. As to the body, use has been made of sheet metal in the steel of different thickness, but also of sheet metal in aluminum.

2017 Citroen C5 Design

2017 Citroen C5 appeared also more modern, but less convincing in the line, too anonymous inside view while remaining in fairly well-proportioned whole and filleted. The Citroen C5 body kept the classic configuration hatchback and a half. Front stood out the two teardrop headlights and grille divided horizontally into two by a single chrome bar with the center the coat of arms of the House. The side, as already mentioned, is the part that aroused major concerns, due to the particularly high belt line, which, combined with the truncated tail, made too imposing heavy and almost the car body, certainly less stringy than the line of previous Xantia. They stood in the queue headlights cut crescent from the luggage compartment lid.

2017 Citroen C5 Interior

The cabin of C5 first set seemed rather more convincing, thanks to the effective work of the designers of the House, who have recreated almost perfectly typical of a flagship environment, rather than a vehicle of the D-segment what was the Citroen C5. The original design of the bridge was basically composed of two arcs that intersected in the middle, and whose intersection area was reserved for the central air vents. Over the first two arches, there was a third, smaller, which served as a protective flap for the color screen which provided information related to the navigation system or the hi-fi. The dashboard instrumentation was very and included, in addition to the usual tachometer and speedometer, even the water temperature gauge and oil, voltmeter and fuel gauge. The center console was constituted in practice by a rounded form panel incorporated in a larger panel with a trapezoidal shape. Here they have placed the controls related to the hi-fi and that of air-conditioning. The generous step of Citroen C5 first set allowed roominess among the best in its class, both before, but especially at the rear.

2017 Citroen C5 Engine

The petrol engines are a 1.8-liter 125 hp maximum power, a 2.0-liter 140 hp and 3.0-liter 211 hp, all atmospheric and with indirect injection . The diesel is 1.6 liter 112 hp, 2.0 liter 140 or 160 hp, 2.2 liter 173hp, 2.7 liter 204 hp (discontinued and replaced with a 2.2) of the same power, all with turbocharger Variable geometry and common-rail direct injection In the year 2009 the engine is launched a 3.0 HDI of 3 liters of 240CV and a new motor 2.0 HDI of 163CV that can be coupled to the manual box of 6 speeds or the sequential automatic CAS.

All 2017 Citroen C5, engines have four in-line cylinders and four valves per cylinder, except 3.0 and 2.7 and 3.0 diesel, which have six V-cylinders, and in the case of HDI the Bi-Turbo system. 2015, the range of diesel engines is updated, leaving only two options blue hid 150hp and 180hp, both with start / stop system and a few consumption (4.1 / 4.2) for the engine of 150hp and 4, 4 liters at 100 for the 180cv engine. The 150cv engine has 6-speed manual gearbox, while the 180cv features 6-speed automatic as well. The hydropneumatic suspension is available only with the engine 180hp.

2017 Citroen C5 Model

2017 Citroen C5 Model