Chevrolet Trax 2013

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Chevrolet Trax 2013 – Chevrolet Trax is a mini-SUV GM Gamma platform is based on the second, Opel with mocha. Paris motor show in 2012, unveiled in 2013 North American International Auto Show and the 2013 Montreal Auto Show for the test drive. For the U.S. market, both GM and Opel mocha Theta – based crossover SUV Chevrolet Captiva Sport Trax’s Buick version as sales, could not have found.

Chevrolet Trax’s first compact crossover SUV Chevrolet Tracker from the strike. Model 2012’s fourth quarter sales went to Mexico and Canada. At the end of the Korean sales in February 2013. Chevrolet Trax is a version of the Oceania market.

Chevrolet Trax Canada

Chevrolet Trax Canada

Russia and Brazil will be called: Chevrolet Tracker, the name used in North America from 1989-1991 & 1999-2008. In Russian, and “Trax” also sounds trakh, which is a colloquialism for mating of closely related. In Brazil, a hallucinogenic opioid called “T-Rax” drug you can name.

Chevrolet Trax Transformers

Chevrolet Trax Transformers

Chevrolet Trax Marketing

The current line – size Chevrolet Equinox slots under the Trax. The United States, with some branding the business as it is a compact SUV, “but in Canada, where as Orlando slots” in size CUV, “and the autumnal equinox run” compact CUV, mini “Trax marked as” SUV instead “.

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