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Chevrolet Beat Diesel – Chevrolet Beat Concept 2007 New York, two of the other vehicle, Trax and grooves unveiled at the auto show. A bit of a front-drive, three-door hatchback concept, Daewoo Kalos. It is in India, was built and designed by GM Daewoo in South Korea. It is a 1.2 L turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an automatic transmission is powered by. Beat concept sports a head of green color of the exterior paint job with the interior part of the balance. The profile behind the grille and high tapering down to. The grille headlights all the way from the base of the windshield base and the extended display type. Size 17 inch wheels barely hide the matching with green disc brakes. Twin taillights that extend upward to the back-up lights LEDs.

In the beginning of 2007, GM little more than 50% of the vote, ultimately the production car to make a poll the partner, Trax grooves and a Chevrolet website the relative popularity of the idea to look. The car was designed to appeal to young car buyers in urban markets, the energy, diversity, and urban life in a car in the excitement of the good fun, fuel and adding the value provided. For the upcoming 2010 Paris Motor Show, a GM Chevrolet Spark’s woodie version of the prototype displayed. Chevrolet Beat is very versatile and is equipped to carry out 3 jbalanite diesel, petrol and LPG, depending on the variant you choose.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel is a powerful and dynamic engine 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Sports. A power output of 58.5 PS and torque of 150 Nm, this incredible engine packs a punch and 25.44 km mileage promise, which makes it the most fuel-efficient hatchbacks in India. You can also go to the petrol drive option, you can promote your green credentials. Beat petrol and LPG is a state – Sophisticated SMARTECH second engine, which delivers an impressive mileage was 18.6 miles, and with refined driveline noise and vibration characteristics of emission can be reduced. The LPG variant not only help to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gases, it can help to cut your bill by 50% of the fuel.

Chevrolet Beat Concept

Chevrolet Beat Concept

Chevrolet Beat is a sporty and elegant hatchback car, the petrol variant, which arrived in 2010. In February 2011, GM India’s LPG variants hatchback with the terms of the Chevrolet Beat diesel in July 2011 integrated. Chevrolet Beat Diesel is the most impressive bit as optional 25.44 km per liter mileage for a car offers breathtaking, so today it is the most fuel-efficient car. It is a sporty hatchback style, dynamics, powerful engine and great interior perfect combination. Chevrolet 10-bit variants on an average, two of LPG, diesel and four petrol variants of the four. Chevrolet Beat’s petrol variants 1.2litre 80.5PS, S-TEC hatchback variants feature-1L 62.5 BHP TDCi diesel engine is installed in the engine.

Chevrolet Beat Modified

Chevrolet Beat Modified


Chevrolet Beat’s styling with the utmost care and concern and did not respond to the Indian roads and are designed according to consumers. Fine lines and compact car on car exteriors blend with the entire field. The car’s interior is impressive as well. They are very comfortable and keep the style intact. This little car comfort features are impressive, automatic climate control air conditioning, USB aux in and audio system with MP3 support structure. Chevrolet Beat power steering, power windows with driver for the overall driving experience augments.

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