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The Cadillac Sixty Special name has been used in Cadillac to denote a special model from the 1938 Harley Earl-designed Series 60 Bill Mitchell derived. Although the model was launched in 1938 low price level Cadillac LaSalle as soon Sixty Special name would be synonymous with some of the most luxurious Cadillac vehicles.

Cadillac Sixty Special First Generation 1938-1941

For 1938, Harley Earl-Bill Mitchell designed Sixty Special was added between the cheapest car Cadillac line, the “Series 60” and “major” big Cadillacs body. Although all first Special generation 60 were built at the plant in
Cadillac Fleetwood, 60 Special was marketed as a car Fisher Body in 1938 and 1939. In 1938, in addition to the sedan standard 4-door, two prototypes were built in the sixty special body – Two convertible four very gallant doors (one owned by GM executive, Larry Fisher, which was demolished by Harley Earl in an accident traffic and one sent to Europe, which was later withdrawn from the market and consumed by Engineering GM structural testing in preparation for the 1940 bodies “Torpedo”), plus a coupe Sixty Special.

From 1940, and for the rest of its existence, the Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special was sold, enjoying higher price molding, trim and upholstery as Series 75 and 90. Thus, took over the house 70 Series, which was dropped by the 1938 model year, as most large luxury model driven Cadillac owners, a role that could fill until 1976 to 1940, the price and overall style remains the same, with only modest equipment changes.

1941 was the last year of Harley Earl and Sixty Special design original Bill Mitchell, as a completely new model 1942 was in the works. Many consider the 1941 to the most beautiful in this series, although Mitchell himself favored the clean lines of the original model 1938. For the first time, Cadillac had its own interface grille design “tombstone” with a raised central section flanked by lower-side sections that would identify Cadillacs in the coming years.

Cadillac Sixty Special Second generation 1942-1947

The all-new for 1942 Sixty Special was 7 inches (180 mm) long and 1 inch (25 mm) lower than the 1941 model, and now rides a wheelbase of 133 inches (3,400 mm), longer than any no other Cadillac limousine. This marked the beginning of what would become a central feature of Sixty Special. For 28 of the next 34 model years of existence, the Sixty Special count on a single dive GM C-body more legroom and substantially more headroom.

Through 1948 Cadillac Sixty Special announces as a five-passenger car. This was the year that the bumper ‘bullets’ was introduced, would remain a feature of Cadillac design through 1958. The upper sun slowly sale (sunroof) option was suspended in late 1941 model year, and would not return to appear in a Cadillac Eldorado until 1970. While the spacious interior was luxuriously appointed, Cadillac depended adjustment to differentiate outside of his brothers Sixty Special Cadillac. Grids chrome decorative – would become an ornament special mark Sixty in coming years – were mounted at three locations in the model 1942: behind the openings and wheel on the front and rear fenders and ceiling mounted behind the backdoor opening.

Cadillac Sixty Special Third Generation 1948-1949

early each model was redesigned for 1948, including $ 3.820 Sixty Special. With new sheet, but still riding an exclusive wheelbase of 133 inches, the luxurious Sixty Special weighed 4.370 lbs Shipping weight (more than 4500 pounds empty weight). In the interior, electric windows and a bench seat two-way power were standard equipment. A set of instruments as rainbow-smart to put all meters directly above the steering column in front of the driver used to only 1,948, while a new curved design adds a dash amplitude of passengers.

1949 brought a new power to Cadillac, in the form of the 331 cubic-inch V8 (5.42 L) OHV engine. This new engine had a short run, high compression design that provides both an economical and quiet operation, smooth high performance. Although the engine was smaller and shorter than its predecessor, which was 10 hp (7.5 kW) more powerful and 188 pounds lighter. With improvements to annual short, this engine was used until model year 1955.

Cadillac Sixty Special Fourth Generation 1950-1953

For 1950, Cadillac was totally new style in every car in the lineup, including special $ 3,797 Sixty. While the opulent interior rivaled any other Cadillac, the exterior design was almost identical to the less expensive models from the series 62. The cut chrome grille that was mounted on the rear roof panel since 1942 now moved to the doors lower back, just ahead of the rear wheel arches. Although Cadillac uses a wheelbase of 4 inches (100 mm) longer than the 62 series, 130 in (3300 mm) wheelbase was down 3 inches (76 mm) compared to the previous year.

1951 showed little change since 1950, plus a redesigned grille and bumper stickers to borrow bullets (or Dagmars) since 1951 GM Le Sabre show car. Inside, red warning lamps “idiot” replace meters secondary instruments such as voltage and oil pressure. The same 331 cu in (5.42 L) engine, introduced in 1949, was used for 1,951 Cadillacs, but with minor revisions to the powertrain. Despite a price jump to $ 4.060, the 4155 pounds (1885 kg) Sixty Special broke records for the second year in a row -Shipping weight, as sales hit 18,631 now.

Cadillac celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1952. The changes were minimal – especially in the rear, where the reverse lights were now integrated with lights mounted tail-fins, and the hyphen “Fleetwood” back to top the trunk. Moreover, rear exhaust outlets were now in the form of two horizontal slot width at the outer edges of the rear bumper. Also new for 1952 were emblems of winged crest, mounted on extensions of the grid below the headlights. With the addition of a downdraft carburetor 331 cubic inches (5.42 L) engine now 190 horsepower (140 kW) occur.

Cadillac Sixty Special Fifth generation 1954-1956

All 1954 Cadillacs had new sheet metal, but unfortunately the $ 4683 Sixty Special still like his brother too lower price, Series 62. Wheelbase for Sixty Special was back up to 133 in (3400 mm) – where there was to 1949. refined steering, Saginaw, became standard equipment, along with electric windscreen washers. New options include a bench seat electric four-way power, and power brakes Bendix. As had been doing since its introduction in 1949, Cadillac was able to pull more power from its 331 cubic inches (5.42 L) engine, and is now estimated at 230.

1956 was the last year for nodosum, P-38 inspired tail fins on the back of most Cadillacs, including $ 4.587 Sixty Special. While the Cadillac division broke all records by exceeding 150,000 units, Sixty Special fell to an even 17,000 this year. Renewal Set included Cadillac crests on the front fenders, and a new grille bearing an emblem Cadillac script, mounted at an angle on the driver’s side. Sixty special script appeared on the front fender below the Cadillac crest for the first time in the history of the series. Rear fenders chromium maintain a bead along the top, while chrome spears control marks mass replaced with grates delicate chrome 1955 to the rear side.

Cadillac Sixty Special Six Generation 1957-1958

Cadillac introduced its first production four-door hardtop, Sedan de Ville in 1956. When Cadillac redesigned all standard models for 1957, adopted the Sixty Special pillarless design too. Priced at $ 5.539 considerable, the 4761 pounds Cadillac Sixty Special Production reached a staggering 24,000 units – a plateau sales nameplate never make again. The chrome fenders, sixty special brand since 1942, blinds were gone in favor of a giant corrugated metal panel that occupied the entire lower half of the rear fender. The script Sixty Special was gone, but would go for its second and final appearance the following year. Engineering goodies include moving the optional air conditioning unit from the trunk to a space under the hood, and a parking brake pedal that releases when the car was launched. The 365 cubic inches (5.98 L) engine introduced last year now hit up to 300 horsepower (220 kW).

Cadillac Sixty Special Seven Generation 1959-1960

In 1959, the memorable “zap!” fins appeared in almost all Cadillacs this year, including the Sixty Special. Now riding a 3-inch wheelbase -shorter, the 225 inches -long Sixty Special continued as a pillarless hardtop with its own different moldings – including a fictitious lateral air -scoop on the rear fender assembly, and a line of thin chrome running from the front fender back to the rear bumper, and then forward again to the front wheel well. The taillights pods mounted flap were chrome. The 390 cubic-inch (6.4 L) engine provides 325 horsepower (242 kW). Air suspension, using Freon-filled shock absorbers, was optional in Sixty Special. Cadillac also announces a new drainage system “scientifically”. Although the script Sixty Special was gone, the script Fleetwood remained, and since the only other Cadillac Fleetwood was bodied by Series 75, for this and many other reasons, had not confuse the Sixty Special with other Cadillacs. However, a cloisonn√©, mounted on front fender “Sixty Special” emblem appear next year and will last until 1962.

Cadillac Sixty Special Eight Generation 1961-1964

For 1961, Cadillac Sixty Special received all-new sheet metal, with a line of crunchy, Formal roof equipped with a vinyl cover and a slightly shorter at 129.5 (3290 mm) wheelbase. Decorative small louvers were back, this time just ahead of the rear lights. Sales rose to 15,500 units. With the cancellation of Eldorado Brougham four-door late 1960s, the 1961 Sixty Special now became the sedan companion for Eldorado convertible. Power steering was standard.

1963 had totally new style (on the same 129.5 in (3289 mm) wheelbase) and a new 325 horsepower (242 kW) engine brand. Sixty Special shared their unadjusted bodyside with Eldorado – which appears very clean and formal compared to standard Cadillac models. Price dropped to $ 6.300, and sales increased slightly 14,000. While small decorative grilles continued in the C-pillar, a new Cadillac “wreath and crest” ornament was in the rear fender. The cloisonn√©, mounted on front fender “Sixty Special” emblem (which appeared to 1960) was gone. Vinyl top above norm now had become a $125 option on Sixty Special.

Cadillac Sixty Special Ninth Generation 1965-1970

1965 offered a completely new style and 133 in (3378 mm) wheelbase, a C-GM body stretched platform. The Sixty Special was now back to being a sedan with pillars. Also new for 1965 was the package options available “Brougham”, adding $ 194 to Sixty Special base price $ 6,479, which included grain padded vinyl roof covering with “Brougham” nomenclature on the pillar C. Special Sixty 18,100 were built for 1965. Cadillac Eldorado having joined the Sixty Special in 1963 as the only other non limousine Cadillac Fleetwood bodied by the addition of the script Brougham made things a little more consistent nomenclature, the Eldorado was originally only available as a convertible, and subsequent four-door sedan companion “Brougham” was called.

Cadillac Sixty Special 1940

Cadillac Sixty Special 1940

Cadillacs were totally new style in 1967, but continued Sixty Special exclusive 133 in (3400 mm) wheelbase. The Sixty Special Brougham $ 6,739 has continued beating the $ 6.423 Sixty Special – 12,750 units versus 3550. Radio AM / FM was a $ 188 option.

Cadillac Sixty Special Tenth Generation 1971-1976

The new transgenic organisms large for 1971, a 64.3-inch front shoulder room (62.1 inches in Cadillac) and 63.4-inch rear shoulders set a record for the internal width which does not correspond with any car until the full models GM rear wheel drive early and mid-1990s After this remodeling, size Cadillac Sixty Special remained basically unchanged until 1976, except for front and rear refreshing. The styling cues shared with the lower car models. The most dramatic of these changes was the addition of rectangular headlamps in 1975, with a new grille.