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2014 Cadillac Converj – General Motors Cadillac CTS Coupe delayed production for at least the summer of 2010, three years into the life cycle of the sedan on which it is based. Meanwhile, President Obama said he is ready for an exception to the California Assembly Bill 1493, the stricter federal fuel economy standards and has CO2 grant. GM has congress a financial restructuring plan before 31 Submit March. 2014 Cadillac Converj three quarters before you enter the Cadillac Converj Concept undisputed star of the 2009 North American International Auto Show.

Designers are already working on a production GM tone and consumption planning clinics. If, by the end of this year is approved, the Converj would enter the pipeline behind some other products, convenient for production before the end of 2013 as the Model 2014. “He came from a short Bob Lutz, who was basically a very important concept for this show,” Simon Cox, UK director of GM Advanced Design Studio explains. “Whatever you really want to buy:” It’s a few years ago GM Volt has given the green light, the discussion about whether or brass autonomy extended electric Chevrolet Cadillac disclose it.

Cadillac would have a much higher price and absorb more of the cost. Every driver the brand of choice is best for GM the image, however, and the higher cost of development margins total sales so that Chevrolet has the green light. Well, if clinical predict the volume 25000-30000 per year for 2014 Cadillac Converj, Cadillac has a business model. Three thousand a year is not enough. Lutz, vice president of product development, he realizes that the actual number could halfway between the two. Cadillac Converj Rear view of three quarters, “With the lack of money and the use of state funds and so on,” says Lutz, “we must be sure that in the next few years, only projects that choose not only the requirements of Federal CO2 and fuel consumption, but also helps our financial sustainability.

Everything is pure picture of a car and is not in a position to earn money, we have in the background. “Cadillac Converj 2014 is a sleek coupe by an electric motor system of the extended-range Chevy Volt is now supplying called Voltec. And “cut libertine” is the understatement of the Car of the Year. The Converj anesthetized with sex appeal. It was designed to help you, even if you have nothing without a V-8 and rear-wheel drive. It shares its wheelbase of 108 inches of 2,011 volts and has a number of lithium-ion batteries of 16 kilowatts into the tunnel of the car, running a naturally aspirated version of the 2011 Chevy Cruze 1.4-liter four-cylinder. Like the Volt, the gasoline over his four 40 mile marker of the batteries. Lutz says the Cadillac drive system other than the Chevy can be set, but for more power at the cost of some battery range.

The cherry is the design that recalls 2002 Cadillac Cien Concept Cox, a super car engine V-12 engine. Robin was Kreig foreign designers, creative designer Ben Walsh and David Leary was inside was lead interior designer, especially in the UK The project began last summer, the director of GM Advanced Design Dave Rand says. There is one or two months after our story on the CTS Coupe and about a year and a half behind Detroit concept for a show.

Walsh has designed the lighting of the center console on 2014 Cadillac Converj system. Turn the ignition key, and blue LED light arrows quickly between the rear seats, center console above the battery and on the center console, to indicate that the engine is running. This is a kind of tasteful bling, offer a Gee Whiz details in the theater Caddy technically advanced. Toyota Lexus HS250h prosaic, the dedicated luxury hybrid sedan in Detroit in the conference was introduced shortly after Cadillac that it is necessary to wear a hair shirt to be green car never had a chance. “There is a flight of fancy,” says Rand. “It is quite realistic.” 2014 Cadillac Converj production Lutz says the idea this year, so that the production concept Camaro 2010 Camaro, 2006.

The Converj is a modified version of the compact platform with front wheel drive for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze with the different wishbones at the front and rear for a wider track wheels as wide as possible. 2014 Cadillac Converj Rear bumper faces three quarters of travel front and rear. The roof line was increased by 1.25 inches, which is higher at 55 inches for the concept, as it seems. It would be another half-inch ground clearance, and of course you would subtle aerodynamic settings. An important detail of the design could change, but Lutz says that it’s a big problem: the 2014 Cadillac Converj coupe could be a sedan. “For example, if market research shows, yes, it is, but I need four doors,” says Lutz, “we could easily lead the design of a hidden rear handle.

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You do not need to change the length or the proportion of all because it has a larger rear seat, it’s just hard to get. I think we should head back room on the right with a good input and output. If that is where there is a better business proposition, we need to change the design at all. “Yes, but we want a cut. Clinics What GM, Cadillac Converj 2014 Type of $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 two doors, which seems Hollywood stars could trade their Escalade,  SL-Class, Prius or Tesla for each machine to identify which measures 50 best electric car on the road as a sustainable business model looks like.

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2014 Cadillac Converj Concept

2014 Cadillac Converj Concept