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Buick is one of four General Motors makes the company survived bankruptcy in 2009. This surprised many because of the reputation of a brand for older buyers, but two recent successful model has brought down the average age of the buyer significantly. Buick is also one of the best-selling foreign brands in China, is an important emerging market. A competitor for Buick is GM said Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division. The company sees Buick as a premium brand, leaving Cadillac as the luxury brand to compete with German imports.

The first model is a revival Buick, the Enclave, argue the best-achieve large GM crossovers, which include the Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia.   He sits seven or eight in three rows of seats. Middle/Lacrosse full size sedans-developed in the United States, China and Germany-have also sold quickly. It will continue to sell the Buick Lucerne sedan larger in 2011. The newest addition, the mid-size Regal sedan, based on the top-selling European model. Buick plans to expand its lineup with more cars and crossovers.

Following its bankruptcy, and until an initial public offering of stock, Detroit-based GM will be held mainly in private by the USA Treasury, which owns more than 60 percent. The Canadian government owns about 12 percent, and bondholders of GM now-spent (Motors Liquidation Co.) holds about 10 percent. More than 17 percent belongs to the United Auto Workers health care trust and the union pension instead of receiving cash earlier commitments.

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