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The Buick Skylark was a passenger car produced by the Buick division of General Motors.  In each run, the car design varied dramatically due to changing technology and tastes, as well as new standards implemented over the years. Submit to mark the anniversary in a 50 Buick, the Roadmaster Buick Skylark is one of three conversion expertise generated 1953 General Motors another two were the Oldsmobile Fiesta and the Cadillac Eldorado Series.

The Skylark had the most successful production period with 1,690 units. This is an amazing feat considering selling, since the car list price in 1953 of slightly more than USA $5,000. However, many of these vehicles languished in dealer showrooms and were eventually sold at a discount. Includes the 1953 Skylark V8 power and 12 volt electrical systems, the first language for Buick, as well as full wheel openings-cutout, styling cues that would make its way to the mainline Buick 1954. Also making its way into the 1954 Buick line was the door broken-down at the bottom of the side window line and bounced back up to trace around the rear window (or convertible top). Stay with this Buick styling for many years and can be found in any number of automobile brands to this day.

The model year 1968 was one of significant change for the Buick Skylark. While still using the same basic chassis, all mid-size GM cars are adopting a policy of using two different wheelbases up. Shorter two-door models use wheels of 112 in (2,845 mm), while four door models they use wheels of 116 (used on the Buick and Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Sport Wagon wheels are even longer from 121 in). All of the mid-size car GM receives all-new sheet metal. Federally mandated safety features improved occupational safety and accident prevention starting with the 1967s.

The Grand Sport, previously an option package available on the Skylark, became separate series. In a reshuffling of models in the lineup, the Special Deluxe replaced the previous Special. The Skylark nameplate was shuffled down the cleft to replace the previous Special Deluxe. The previous Skylark was replaced by a Buick  Skylark Custom. The Buick Skylark hardtop coupe, available as a basic two-door or four-door sedan. The Skylark Custom Coupe as two-door convertible, two-door hardtop coupe, four-door sedan hardtop, sedan or four-door.

The previous V6 to an end and the associated equipment will be sold to Kaiser Industries, which used the V6 in its Jeep trucks and sport utility vehicles. The base engine in Buick Skylarks (and Buick Special sedans) became a line six cylinder engine 250-cubic inch using 1-barrel Rochester carburetor produced 155 HP (116 kW) at 4200 RPM.

The standard engine for the Buick Skylark Buick in itself is a 231 cubic inch (3.8 L) V6 engine with carburetor 2-barrel creates 110 HP (82 kW) at 4000 RPM. Buy Buick back in the machine tools of American Motors, which were acquired when the company bought Kaiser Jeep division of Kaiser Industries. Apollo used Chevrolet 250 cubic inch (4.1 L) inline 6 engines-cylinder.

Optional engines included the Oldsmobile 260 cubic inches (4.3 L) V8 with two carburetors-barrel, which produces 110 HP (82 kW) at 4,000 RPM, and Buick 350 cubic inches (5.7 L) V8 with either 2-or 4-barrel Carburetor. In 1976, he produced the engines 5.7 L V8 140 HP (100 kW) at 3,200 RPM with carburetor 2-barrel, and 155 HP (116 kW) at 3,400 RPM with carburetor 4-barrel.

The Skylark is available in two-or four-door sedan body styles, and in base, Sport, or Limited trims. The standard 2.5 L Iron Duke 4 using 2-barrel Rochester Carburetor and producing 90 HP (67 kW) at 4000 RPM. The optional 2.8 L V6 also uses a 2-barrel Rochester Carburetor and produced 115 HP (86 kW) at 4800 RPM. The four-speed manual overdrive transaxle is standard with three-speed automatic transaxle as an option.

Starting with the 1985 model year, the coupe two-door is replaced by the Somerset Regal coupe built on stage N-body Oldsmobile-develop. This produces compact Buicks include more upscale and aerodynamic design than its predecessor, incorporating long-hood/short-deck look popular at the time. With the start of the model year 1986 Regal lost the suffix of its name and was known simply as Somerset. The Skylark name was moved to version sedan four-door of the Somerset. This version of the Skylark split bench seat with a center console with a column shift.

The 1986 Skylark will continue to be available as either a Custom or Limited model. The standard engine remains at 2.5 L Iron Duke 4, now available with five-speed manual transaxle is standard and three-speed automatic as an option. A new optional engine will be the Buick-planning V6, 3.0 L fuel injection, producing 125 HP (93 kW) at 4900 RPM (it replaces the previous 2.8 L V6s Chevrolet-planning). The 3.0 L V6 is available only with an automatic transaxle three-speed.

The Buick Skylark received a facelift for model year 1996 in the form of more conventional-looking grille. The previous 2.3 L 4 was replaced by a new 2.4 L DOHC 4 which produced 150 HP (110 kW) at 6000 RPM. The three-speed automatic transaxle and came to an end the previous four-speed automatic standard on all Buick Skylark.

Buick Skylark 1968

Buick Skylark 1968

The on-board diagnostic system (OBD II) as standard. Buick offers edition “Olympic Gold ” to celebrate the 1996 Skylark 100th birthday anniversary of the Olympics. It contained gold USA/5-ring Badges on the fenders, gold ” Skylark ” badges, accented wheel covers-gold, and gold accent trim. Production ended on December 4, 1997. The Buick Skylark production line in Lansing was retooled to build the 2000-2003 Chevrolet Malibu.