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The Buick Regal is mid-size luxury compact car introduced by General Motors in the model year 1973. North American production ended in 2004 and began again in 2011. For the 2011 model year, Buick re-introduced the Regal to the North American market, positioned as an upscale sports sedan. Production and sales in China have continued since 1999.  For certain model years between 1973 and 2004, the Regal shared bodies and powertrains with the similar Buick Century.

Buick Regal First Generation

He Buick had been the first GM division to bring a personal luxury car to market with its full-size 1963 Riviera but was otherwise slow to respond to the emerging market of personal luxury sub-price mid-size, Pontiac created with the 1969 Grand Prix and Chevrolet with the Monte Carlo the following year 1970. At  same time Oldsmobile added a formal hatchback coupe its intermediate line Cutlass Supreme  in 1970 and that model soon became the best selling Age ‘ intermediate. Want a model that could be marketed to compete against the Age Cutlass Supreme as well as the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo. The  Buick introduced the Regal in 1973, as a top line special coupe in line A-body intermediates that subsection, the century. In the year 1973 also marks the introduction of the first major restyling of designing intermediate A-body GM since 1968.

A very trimmed the hatchback coupe, the first Regal shared its front and rear styling with its Century parent with total differences of different grilles and LED taillight lenses. The Regal shared the same ” Colonnade ” pillared hardtop roofline (a hardtop with center pillar, but frameless doors, unlike a sedan body) and greenhouse gases with the Grand Prix, Monte Carlo and the Cutlass Supreme as well as the lower price-Buick Century Luxus coupe. Like its corporate cousins?  Including the Regal fashionable opera windows, which were small fixed rear side windows surrounded by sheet metal, instead of the traditional windows rolled down. Only the Colonnade hardtop coupe was offered in the Regal line in 1973, but four Colonnade sedan-door (with a six-windows-greenhouse and frameless door windows) debuted in 1974 and continues throughout the model year 1977.

Buick Regal Second Generation

1978 Regal could be equipped with 3.8 L turbo charged V-6 engine with automatic transmission. Versions non-turbo will be offered with either a 2-or bbl carburetor 4-bbl. The Buick LeSabre is also available with the turbocharged engine. The only other turbo charged cars available in the USA market in 1978 were imported from Saab and the Porsche 930. The Turbo Regal also included the firm handling suspension with larger tires and wheels sport.

The major facelift in 1981 gave the Regal a much more aerodynamic profile helping to make it possible for the car to compete on the NASCAR racing circuit. The sloping hood and nose of the car makes it a favorite of several NASCAR teams. Richard Petty drove one to victory in the 1981 Daytona 500, and the car won the majority of the 1981 and 1982 season races and won the NASCAR manufacturers title in 1981 and 1982. V8s for use on the street is still available, but had shrunk to 265 Cu in (4.3 L) (1980 and 1981 only, Pontiac built) and V6 was rapidly gaining popularity. In 1982, the Century appeared on the front wheel drive-A-body, but not before drive sedan rear-wheel Century and wagon were discontinued. These models were simply rebadged as Regals and for the first time the name appeared on a full model lineup. The truck stop after 1983 and the sedan dropped from the lineup next year. From 1986-1987, the 5.0 L 307 V8 available as an option. The 3.8 2-bbl V6 was standard. Transfer overdrive 200-4R is an option with either engine.

Buick Regal Third Generation

The Buick Regal appeared in 1988 on the GM W platform; run this generation with a few changes for nine years. Although the new Regal Buick return to the original concept is being offered only as a coupe and is aiming once again completely in the personal luxury buyer, it is a departure from tradition in that the front drive model-the first wheel, and in terms of having no choice or serious performance edition. They’re turbocharged V6 or V8 engine is offered, the only engine offered in 1988 was the Buick 2.8L, V6, producing 125 HP (93 kW). In 1990, because of the personal luxury car market declining, the Regal offered again as a four-door sedan (as did the Cutlass Supreme and Grand Prix the same year).

The Regal was originally offered in base Custom edge lines and the upscale Limited. In 1989, the Gran Sport trim line was introduced, including aluminum wheels, body side cladding and installed console shifter attached to 4-speed automatic. For 1990 won the Buick Regal 3.8 V6 option. The 3800 V6 was unique to the Regal, as distinguished from the mechanically similar Chevrolet Lumina, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and Pontiac Grand Prix. Anti lock brakes were made standard on all but base Custom cars in 1992, and the grille was redesigned again for 1993. Along with the new style became an automatic transmission electronically-controlled lights and rear LeSabre-like and bumper.

Buick Regal Fourth Generation

In 1997, the Century and the Regal once again became versions of the same car, only offered as a sedan four-door, and sitting on a revised W platform that was shared with the Oldsmobile Intrigue the Pontiac Grand Prix and  Chevrolet Lumina and Chevrolet Monte Carlo. As the luxury version, the Regal offered larger engines and fancy trim, and once again boasted a newer version of 3.8 L V6. While Century was mainly reliable mental economy car based on the W-body, the Regal is set with lots of amenities, including heated leather seats, surround sound system 8-Monsoon speaker, dual control in climate, interior space and wide. Few changes have occurred during the seven years running version. It offered 5 seats-passengers on each trim level as the Pontiac Grand Prix and Oldsmobile Intrigue, unlike their predecessors who preferred seats 6-and the Buick Century and passenger seats were standard 6-passenger.

This period held the fastest Buick since the days of the Grand National, the Buick Regal GS. The car is now supercharged instead of turbocharged, and produced 240 HP (180 kW) and 280 pounds · ft (380 N · m) of torque. When introduced in 1997  Buick advertised the Regal as the ” car for the supercharged family “. Buick also released two other model types LSE and GSE. The LSE stayed with 200 HP (150 kW) engine with upgrades and the GSE stayed with 240 HP (180 kW) supercharged engine with upgrades. Also in 2000 Buick came out with concept GSX that had intercooled 3.8 L, but was supercharged rather than turbocharged. It was 300 HP (220 kW)

Buick Regal Fifth Generation

The Buick Regal fifth-generation Buick Regal is a four-door, five passenger mid-size sedan with front engine, front-wheel drive scheme. GM says the Regal is helping General Motors attract new customers, the younger the Buick brand. According to GM publishes information, more than 41 % of Regal buyers in the USA are from non-General Motors brands, and more than 60 % of buyers CXL Turbo under the age of 55.

Buick Regal GS Turbo

Buick Regal GS Turbo