Buick LaCrosse

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The Buick Lacrosse luxury car in mid-size produced by the American manufacturer General Motors since 2004. It replaces the Century and Regal in North America beginning in the model year 2005.

Buick Lacrosse First Generation

The Buick LaCrosse debuts in late 2004 as a 2005 model to replace the Century and the Buick Regal. Riding on a revised version of the W-body known as MS2000, the Buick LaCrosse initially available with two power plant choice in three trim levels a 3.8 L 3800 Series III V6 available in base CX and CXL forms-middle level and HFV6 3.6 L V6 in the top line CXS model. Buick LaCrosse power is directed to the front wheels through a 4T65-E automatic transmission.

The name inspired by a Buick LaCrosse concept car of the same name shown in 2000 and also is used as a reference to the sport of lacrosse, seen as popular with a younger, more active demographic to which Buick tried to market. It was originally sold as the Buick Allure in Canada because Buick LaCrosse masturbation means or swindle are Quebec French slang. The Buick was once the best-selling vehicle in Canada until 2008, when it became the best selling brand-bay. The Buick LaCrosse along with all other GM vehicles powered by the 3.8 L V6, became the vehicle SULEV-first for 2006 compliance. The-first generation last Lacrosse is coming off the assembly line on December 23, 2008.

Buick Lacrosse Second Generation

The Buick LaCrosse second-generation Buick Lacrosse is being built on the mid-size Epsilon II platform in its long-wheel-base (LWB) version, which is also the basis for the Opel Insignia and the 2010 Saab 9-5. The Buick Lacrosse design was based on 2008 Buick Invicta concept, and it takes place on the Chinese and North American models. Buick LACROSSE states that the new “America’s Lexus fighter “. With the new 2011 Regal and the decline of Lucerne, the Lacrosse is now seen as a model level-Buick access, but as its premium sports sedan, and it is the brand ‘s flagship sedan.

The Buick LaCrosse unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The car was also shown at the Montreal International Auto Show 2009 by the Buick Allure, However, shortly after production had begun the General Motors Canada renamed the Allure to LaCrosse to correspond the worldwide marketing of the car. GM Canada has offered existing Allure owners the option to change nameplates to LaCrosse.

Production models of North America moved from Oshawa to the Fairfax Assembly plant in Kansas City, Kansas. To provide models 2010 Year postponed a few weeks to ensure quality control. The 2.4 L Ecotec four-cylinder engine replaces the 3.0 V6 as standard on the CX model in the first quarter of 2010. The V6 3.6 L will continue to be an option on the CX-drive front-wheel standard on the CXL and CXS drive all-wheel CXL.

2010 Buick Lacrosse CXS is the first North American car to incorporate design called HIPER Strut front suspension. The prevention plan will improve ride and handling and reduces torque steer. The Buick Lacrosse CXS includes Real Time Damping System that modifies the damping forces of the shock and struts for improved ride and handling.

The Buick LaCrosse will be sold in Mexico starting in 2010, as the Buick brand returns to the country after 13 years of absence.  At the end of February 2012 the Chinese government took the Buick Lacrosse (along with all other foreign vehicles) from the list of approved vehicles for government procurement. Although popular among the government officials Lacrosse also thrives by buying privately. Effects on sales remains to be seen.

Buick Lacrosse Safety

In the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash testing Lacrosse received the Good overall score in the front impact crash test and a Marginal overall score in the test side effect. Injuries measurements for the side impact crash test include poor marks for the driver’s torso and Peripheral score for pelvic/leg of the driver.

Buick LaCrosse 2014 White

Buick LaCrosse 2014 White

The Buick LaCrosse  side air-bags are limited to the type of curtain for both rows front and rear, the side airbag torso type available. Buick LaCrosse also won in 2007 only one out of five stars in side crash test-the impact of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.