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The Buick Electra was a full-size premium automobile built by the Buick division of General Motors. Electra name was used in numerous designations for Buick 1959-1990.  The Buick Electra 225 Riviera was the model and shared his front line hardtop window with six exclusive Cadillac (who offered in all models). Buick first applied the “Riviera” name to a premium cut Buick Roadmaster 2-door hardtop in the middle of the model year 1949 and thereafter and denotes all Buick Riviera hardtops. In addition, from 1950-1953, made ​​a premium Buick trimmed sedan wheelbase stretched, exclusively on Buick Roadmaster and Super lines, called Riviera. But 1959 was the first year that not all Buick Riviera hardtops were called. A 4-window hardtop four standard doors was also available, as it was a 4-door 6-window sedan pillars, along with a shed which chassis 144 were built in 1959 and 1960 two-door convertible, it was only available as one Electra 225 and the 2-door hardtop as Buick Electra.

Buick Electra (1959-1960)

The Buick Electra, along with all other 1959 Buick, featured all new shared with other GM divisions that included slanted headlights in front along with a square grid highly chromed somewhat similar to the 1958 Buick and “Delta-Fins” style again, along with the round taillights. Buick Electra Exterior Distinction from other Buicks came from extra wide moldings, a massive emblem Electra in front fender extension. The Electra 225 script was found in the front fenders in front of the wheelhouse. The Buick 4-door models also had a bright trim lower rear fender.

The 1960 Buick Electra and Electra 225 received a facelift minor with a concave grille and horizontal headlights centered by Buick’s then-new logo “TriShield” which is still in use today. Reintroduced in Electra and other Buicks for 1960 were the chrome Ventiports first introduced in 1949 and modified in 1957 Electra and Electra 225 models offered four Ventiports on each front fender while lesser models LeSabre and Invicta had three Ventiports. Buick Electra had wide rocker panels and dash trim bright Electra in the front fenders in front of the wheelhouse. Electra 225s offered a badge surrounded himself at the top of the cover. The name Electra 225 was found in the front fenders instead of the name of Electra.

Buick Electra (1965-1970)

All GM passenger vehicles received a major redesign in 1965 dominated by flowing lines “Coke bottle ‘profiles and fastback coupe models in their roof and window-Style 6 body was removed. For 1965, Buick also changed its marketing strategy and offering the Electra 225 in two trim levels, base and Custom. Along with the body came a new chassis with a full perimeter frame including side rails that replaced the previous frame “X” used since 1961 offerings engine remained unchanged from 1964 including the standard 325 hp 401 V8 power, and two versions of the larger 425 V8 estimated at 340 horsepower (250 kW) with a four-barrel carburetor or 360 horsepower (270 kW) with two four-barrel. The Super three-speed automatic transmission was standard equipment Turbine 400. A new body style introduced for 1965 was the small pillar 4-door sedan, which featured the frameless glass window with a thin, chrome “B” pillar fixed.

The 1966 Buick Electra 225 saw only minor styling changes including a new grille and taillight and trunk lid revised total width including a script “Electra 225” instead of the nameplate “Buick” spelled in 1965 out of the engine offerings were unchanged from 1965 except that the dual quad 360 horsepower 425 was downgraded from a factory option at dealer-installed. Inside, a sweep speedometer, fuel gauge and warning lights horizontal revised instrument panel appears. Headrests of the front seats became an option.

A mild facelift highlighted the 1967 Electra 225 which includes a split grille divided Pontiac / Oldsmobile-like. Both base and Custom models were continued with a new option package “Limited” available Electra 225 Custom 4-door hardtop reviving a nameplate that graced Buick’s flagship ultra-luxury at the end of 1930 (and again in 1958 ), including an ultra-luxury interior trim. Under the hood of a new 430 cubic-inch V8 rated at 360 horsepower (270 kW) with a four-barrel carburetor replaced the previous “Nailhead” V8 401 and 425. Power front disc brakes were available as a new option along with a stereo 8-track tape player.

68 Buick Electra 225 has a revised grille and taillight trim along with hidden wipers. Inside, there was a revised instrument panel with square speedometer and other instruments, as well as a new steering wheel. Shoulder seat belts are standard for the driver and front passenger. Base and custom models are still offered with the Limited setting option available in the Electra 225 Custom hardtop sedan.

Buick Electra (1971-1976)

Like the other GM brands, Buick completely redesigned their cars B-body and C-body, 1971-Full size cars emerged larger and heavier than ever before or since. The new organisms GM full-size, 64.3 “front shoulder room and 63.4” rear shoulder room to set a record for interior width not correspond to any car models to full-size rear-wheel drive GM the first half of 1990 bodysides corners, long hoods and wide expanses of glass style appears. All Electra 225s were hardtops in the 1971 to 1973 model years, eliminating the previous four-door sedan variant and convertible columns. In 1974 Buick adopted pillared coupe body and fitted with GM “Landau” option on the Electra Limited coupe. Driver and passenger airbags were also available optional from 1974 to 1976, but were unpopular due to their cost.

Since 1971 Buick 1976 Buick, full-size Buick Estate Wagon shared the V8 127.0 inches (3,230 mm) wheelbase and 455 cubic inches with 225 Electra, and shared its interior and exterior styling from 1971 to 1974 (with Ventiports prerequisite four). And while from 1975-1976 the number of Ventiports is reduced by one, and the front fascia was demoted to a LeSabre, chrome style rocker moldings Electra 225 panel and panels hindquarter distinctive Electra 225 style (though without skirts fender ) remained. These were the first trucks to be built on Buick chassis Buick Roadmaster Estates biggest since that of 1947-1953. Wagons roots, like other full size wagons GM over the years, used a single rear suspension with multi-leaf springs instead of the coil springs used in other full-sized Buicks, and other full-size cars GM .

The Estate Wagons also featured a redesigned tailgate ‘clamshell’ where the rear glass electric drive slid up into the roof as the tailgate (manually or with power assist), slipped into a hole under the cargo floor. La, the first truck in history, ultimately supplanted liftgate manual tailgate, which required a considerable effort to lift from storage. It was operated by switches on instrument panel or a key switch on the rear panel.

The Buick Electra Limited, formerly a setting option in custom luxury models, was upgraded to full model status. The Buick Electra Limited models also got the power windows, power driver seat and a new digital clock as standard, along with a cut optional leather upholstery, the first Buicks (along with the Riviera that year) that offer real leather seats from 1963 Riviera. The 455 V8 was revised to meet the 1974 federal and California emission standards with the power going from 250 in 1972-1973 to 230 for 1974 A unique one-year option for the ’74 Electra was the high performance of step 1 455 with dual exhausts and 245 horsepower (183 kW) rating. 1974 was the last year for the coupe pillarless hardtop, though the four door hardtop will be produced until 1976.

Inside, the wraparound instrument panel was substantially revised and optionally available for the first time (and seldom ordered) was the airbag system driver side wheel with an exclusive design. 1974 was the last year of the option Max Trac traction control. New options for 1974 include radio and a “low fuel” warning light came on tires when the gas tank was reduced to only four gallons. A distinctive new option “Landau” was available in coupe Limited which includes rear side windows of the now-popular opera roof and vinyl rear quarter.

Buick Electra (1977-1984)

Reduced all GM C-body cars in 1977, including the Electra. He lost more than 11 inches (279 mm) long and a little weight too. The car was completely redesigned, but still provides the base 225 and Limited trims, as well as a first-line Park Avenue option package, which became available in the coupe. The console option in the Park Avenue was gone, never to rear wheel drive Electra. The reduced model brought increased sales, with 161,627 Electra Hardtops produced in 1977 were no longer produced; all models now had thick pillars “B”.  The big block 455 was gone forever. The base engine was now the Buick 350 with 4-barrel carburetor. The Oldsmobile 403 was optional from 1977 to 1979 Oldsmobile diesel 350 was added to the option list after 1980.

Buick Park Avenue, previously an optional package appearance, became an official trim level in the 1978 Electra Aesthetically, a different grille was the only notable aesthetic change that year, but 1979 brought a redesigned, flat front and a treatment the subtly different taillight featuring a Buick crest and bisecting the horizontal silver line. It did not last as 1980 Electra returned to their former estate 1977 but with a new grille with vertical slats. Also in 1980, Buick completely drop the nickname “225” leaving only Park Avenue and Limited trim.

The Buick Estate Wagon was also reduced for 1977 had been a separate model of right since 1970, alternately sharing style chassis and both the Electra and LeSabre. In stark contrast to 1975-1976, when he shared 127.0 inches Electra (3230 mm) wheelbase and used style front LeSabre, the new Estate Wagon shared B-body LeSabre and uses front-end styling of Electra. After transmission of the rear wheel is suspended Electra, truck produced Estate remained rear-wheel drive Electra front fascia until 1990, when it was replaced by the Buick Roadmaster Estate.

Buick Electra (1985-1990)

In 1985 a redesigned front-wheel drive Electra debuted with the new body C, which declined substantially higher compared to the previous generation. Also as part of the redesign model, Buick discarded all V8 engines. Sales began in April 1984, along with the model of the previous rear-wheel drive, which had ceased production of that month. It was initially powered by a 3.0 liter carburetor Buick V6 engine, a fuel injected 3.8L V6 Buick, or Oldsmobile Diesel V6 engine 4.3 liters. Each was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with 0.70: 1 The overdrive 3.0 liter V6 and 4.3-liter diesel V6 is no longer available after 1985.  The trim levels for the Buick Electra originally included 300/380/430 (based on engine displacement), Park Avenue, and performance-oriented T-Type. Limited replaced the designation number starting in 1987 and a new top-level Park Avenue Ultra was added in 1989.

One of the unusual features clearly this car is that unlike most other passenger car, its bonnet articulated in the front opening towards the interior, opposite to the conventional unit.  BuickThe sixth generation Electra was initially offered in both 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan body styles, but the 2-door coupe versions were finally discontinued in 1986 (E lectra 380) and 1987 (Electra Park Avenue).

Buick Electra 1974

Buick Electra 1974

In 1989 and 1990, a new trim level for the Buick Electra was offered: the Park Avenue Ultra. The Ultra was essentially an upgrade to the line Electra Park Avenue featured standard leather interior trim, dual seats with 20-way power front a padded vinyl top, burled elm adjustment on the doors and instrument panel, aluminum wheels only, and various minor changes otherwise. The Park Avenue Ultra did not gain much popular recognition, however, until the next generation of Park Avenue, where the flagship “Ultra” offers significantly more features.

Buick Electra Discontinuation

The Buick Electra name-length was reduced in the Buick line at the end of the 1990 model year. Since 1991, “Park Avenue” became a different model instead of pointing the setting as it had been in the past.  The model Buick Electra Estate station wagon was a totally different car that is based on the 1977 Buick full size GM station wagon body (revised 1980). 1990 saw the last production to accommodate Buick Electra Park Avenue. The last Buick Electra left the assembly line on August 3, 1990.