2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron

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2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron – New 2014 Bugatti Bugatti SuperVeyron, at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year will unveil a supercar. Find new model changes and weight loss is your challenge. SuperVeyron £ 3527 to reduce the curb weight, is expected to lose 550 pounds. That is why the model with features that rival Bentley is impressive for a four-wheel-drive supercar.

Bugatti for the Veyron 16.4 will use the same technique that was used. New SuperVeyron HP can deliver the 8.0-liter W -16 1600 is likely to be powered by an engine. 9.6 liter displacement motor for extra power to be a jerk. New Buggati SuperVeyron in just 1.8 seconds, can accelerate from 0-60 mph. An amazing speed of 258 mph can be up to 288 miles per hour. Buggati has not revealed all the details of the new model.

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron supercar next year will be one of a great model. However, we still need more information about this car. This pattern is subject to many changes and losing weight is a big challenge. It is caused by extraordinary material SuperVeyron Bugatti, the wheels are made this way? Carbon fiber. 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron using lightweight materials and many more features.

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Yellow

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Yellow

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Internal

Interior design, exterior design is very sporty and aggressive look of the car, there will be a very luxurious and elegant look can be found in the car. Often it took for Bugatti variants. For engine parts, we are in the car with a displacement of 9.6 liters, equipped with a 8.0-liter W-16 engine can be. Therefore, the new Bugatti from 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds, can accelerate. Yes, machine, production output of 1,600 HP Bugatti. An incredible power.

2014 Bugatti Superveyron Price

2014 Bugatti Superveyron

288 miles per hour produced. 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron officially be unveiled at the IAA motor show in 2013. French car maker to offer the best to our customers supercar. We still have a lot of information, one of which is the price of the car. So, let’s wait for more information about this car to have patience.

2014 Bugatti Superveyron Redesign

2014 Bugatti Superveyron Redesign

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron by a car automaker is considering a challenge. Veyron is the ultimate in exclusive designs and styles. By the vehicle manufacturer Jens Schulenburg, Bugatti vehicle engineering major states have reduced the weight of the car. Amazing technologies are applied to support the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle wheel is made from carbon fiber material, says. This new front SuperVeyron SuperVeyron Yellow Bugatti Bugatti is a nice distraction from the anticipated Galibier.

2014 Bugatti Superveyron Changs

2014 Bugatti Superveyron Changs      

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Engine

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron light overall weight. £ 550 lighter body compared with the Veyron Super Sport. So we are running under the hood of this car can expect to see a more responsive and agile. Wall SuperVeyron equipped with W-16 engine. Between 8.0 and 9.6 liters displacement comes along. You can build Powertrain HP 1600 rate. Speed ??of 288 miles per hour maximum speed can reach. It reaches 60 mph in 1.8 seconds and can accelerate from zero. French manufacturers 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron 2014. base price of any official information is not released. It premiered at this year’s IAA Motor Show we will keep an eye on him.

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Gallery

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