BMW 3 Series

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The BMW 3 Series is a compact executive car from the German automaker BMW created by May 1975. Gold Games Class sequel, it’s in six different sexes and five different body styles offered. BMW 3 Series is the best-selling model, the BMW brand’s annual total sales accounting for nearly 30%. Throughout its history for the last 3 series numerous awards. The 1973 oil crisis alert E21, as well to attract customers to gain prestige and economy, nearly three years in the worldwide auto sales figures doubling, and the automotive world awards and honor winner released. 3-series also maintained BMW racing heritage. 3 series, M3, debuted in 1988’s M-version.

The first generation was only a two-door sedan model. A factory-authorized by Baur convertible version is also built. The BNW 3 series was canceled by the BMW E30 series. Center cockpit design of the E21’s console is angled towards the driver with a new design for the introduction. This feature is designed to last for many years in the interior part of his philosophy. Passive safety, all edges, and control elements in the interior of ulcers rounded and padded.

BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW 3 Series Coupe

In 1977, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled its new type E21, the new six-cylinder M20 engine. The replacement of an M20 engine with a four-cylinder 320 model 320 2.0-liter version is integrated. 323i model is integrated to 2.3 liters and 143 PS. All-wheel disc brakes with integrated ejection system have been upgraded to 323i. 1979-1980 model year, the four-cylinder models were upgraded: the 1.8-liter 316 PS unit and a revised 90 in the market as a carburetor engine, while the 1.8-liter engine with Bosch K Jetronic fuel injection added Note 318i raised to 105. Because there was a new entry-level model now, a 315-liter 75 PS 1.6-M10 engine made its appearance in 1981 will be driven by the chamber.

BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW 3 Series India

BMW 3 Series India

E30 1982 sedan form, through 1991 from the sale and convertible form in 1993. E30’s life was almost twice the worth that E21 only seven months ago, but the six-cylinder engine and four-door body styles available sales achieved. Turkey “eta” 325e six and 172 HP 121 pounds · ft of torque, but with real-time emission standards. E30 was the most powerful compact BMW In 2002 in the United States.

BMW 3 Series E36, Third Generation, 1990-1999

E36 E30 was introduced in 1990 as a successor. It is ultimately E46 starting in 1999 for saloons, coupes, and cabriolets and exceeded for 2000. E36 experienced great success in the market. This is a strong foundation for the success of the E46 experienced the following year. E36 back in the Z1 “Z” multi-link suspension favors. Vano’s variable valve timing DOHC I6 engine that launched in 1993.

E36 four-door from early 1990, initially for sale in Europe and other global markets a year after it launched. From 1991 to 1992, with the cabriolet version next coupe version is offered, it was. Compact three-door hatchback and was moderately popular in Europe was launched in 1994. Is duplicated in the front bumper of compact sedan a memorial for E36. Everything else was unique, namely, its rear half trailing arm suspension, instead of the Z-Axle MULTI service in all other E36 based on the old E30. Z3 and M Coupe have similar rear suspension setups as well. The five-door version of the prototype compact model, but it does not introduce to improve production. “Touring” the production of the estate in 1994, but the United States have not been given.

BMW 3 Series E46, Fourth Generation, 1998-2006

E46 1998 model in 1999, started as a salon only version, E36 that same year, when the old “E36” coupe and convertible for more than a year. This is the traditional 3 Series models with what is known now as part of the cycle. Primary inline-six engines available ulcers 2.5 and 2.8 L 323 L 328. BMW’s tour and coupe models, the 1999 new design STEP TRONIC manumatic transmission, and the convertible and M3 later in 2000. E46 Compact, a three-door hatchback, 2001 to be sold in European and Australian markets was published. Drive all-wheel drive in 2001, is a left-hand drive market only due to clashes between the running gear and steering rack introduced as an alternative.

BMW 3 Series E90, Fifth Generation, 2005-2012

E90 is a salon in March 2005 and debuted as a 2006 model year touring, coupe and a retractable hardtop convertible when it went on sale in August 2006 for the 2007 model year. Currently, twelve engine options, two of inline engines with a host of new technologies and the new “N” series is a part of. N52 naturally aspirated inline – technological innovations like boxer motor light magnesium construction, electric water pump, Valvetronic, and Double-Vanos infinitely variable valve timing and lighter and more powerful motor than its predecessor in preparation for the day, but the 15% increase in fuel consumption between the return characteristics. -6 N54 twin-turbo inline engine of innovation, which produces 306 PS and 400 N · m of torque, the turbocharging and gasoline were found in 335i/xi TRIMS back to the past.

BMW 3 Series F30, Sixth Generation 2012

October 14, 2011, and the sixth generation of the 3 Series debut in Munich. In February 2012 in the showroom model. The exterior is affected by the F01 7 Series and especially the F10 5 Series. The Model F30 sedan/saloon, THAT car debut, Gran Turismo High robs five-door coupe and hardtop convertible body styles will follow in the future. Convertible Coupe, and the Gran Coupe their own signage as cute as they F30 BMW 4 Series sedan can command a higher price differential compared E92/93 E90/91 few sedan/wagon. This practice is similar to BMW’s own 6 5 series sedans, A4 as a rival to the Audi A5 coupe premium to the series.

BMW 3 Series Awards and Recognition

BMW 3 Series car and 22 in 1992, the annual Driver magazine’s Ten Best list for 2012, making it the longest item in the list. The December 2009 issue, Grassroots Motorsports magazine was the second main performance car created during the previous 25 years as the 3-series. BMW E90 2006 Canadian Car of the Year Award, “Best Games Sport sedan”. In addition, the New York Auto Show in 2006, the year in which it was made Awarded Photos. Who is this guy? E90 2006 “Car of the Year” will be awarded. Japan’s Import Car of the Year for 2005 E90 granted. BMW emerged as the brand winner’s prize of the International Engine of the Year Awards for 2007 with the 2.5-liter to 3.0-3.0-liter twin-turbo engine segment, which is found in won the 335i. BMW 3 Series 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition 2011 Green Car of the Year Pictures final and the winner will be announced at the 2011 New York Auto Show.