BMW 1 Series M

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BMW 1 Series M – The 1 Series is a compact luxury German automaker BMW since 2004, a line of cars. Successor to the BMW Compact, it is offered in four different body styles. The BMW 1 Series (BMW E82/E88 1E81/E87 and model) and a small family car produced by the German automaker BMW since 2004, 2-door convertible, 3-door and 5-door hatchback coupe configuration shipped worldwide. The series rear wheel drive, weight balance, engine and aluminum multi-link suspension length of the reference. 1 Series is BMW’s second best selling car worldwide, accounting for nearly a fifth of 2008 total sales.

BMW 1 Series (E87)

BMW 1 Series autumn 2004 and shares many structural, chassis, POWER-TRAIN, hardware and electronic elements with the larger 3 Series launched worldwide. As a starting point in the lower range model BMW 3 series moved gradually from the market start. Initially launched as a five-door hatchback three-door version was launched in July 2007. 1 mini-series and the current E90 3 Series is a price to be determined. The class coupe only rear-wheel drive vehicle, it is regarded as the successor to the BMW 2002.

BMW 1 Series coupe (E82) and convertible (E88) went on sale in the United States and Canada and as 128i 135i Model Year 2008. Other countries have adopted both the 125 and 120i platform. Unlike convertible 3 series convertible, using a soft-top instead of a folding hardtop. It is in the lighter cheaper to manufacture and preserves more trunk space than the folding hardtop Allow. In 1996, BMW owned Rover Group, and is preparing a new car forest replace Hun Rover 200 and 400 range, known as the R30, R50 and R40 project developed with, respectively, in the forest, and Rover 75 mini games. The new model, THAT forest to plant factory Long Bridge Rover 55 mini-games, as well as construction plans are badged and boil was a £ 152 million by the British government for financial help to refurbish the plant.

In 2000, the development of completion, but after BMW sold Rover Group, the project’s rights to BMW, DAT or discontinued projects and their headquarters in Munich is the only working prototype. Although the project right the first MG Rover and Chinese automakers trying to sell in a number, model entered production. There are rumors in the Rover and BMW R30 at the end of the BMW 1 Series is transformed. However, the last in the range of R30 to 1, and has developed the E90 3 Series.

BMW 1 Series 5 Door

BMW 1 Series 5 Door

BMW 1 Series (F20)

F20 BMW 1 Series hatchback variant of the second generation of compact five. Like its predecessor, the new car is rear wheel drive, longitudinal engine and an advanced aluminum it MULTI suspension. M135i by Top Gear “2012 year’s car game”.

BMW 1 Series White

BMW 1 Series White

Gold advanced to the final in BMW 1 Series cabin materials. Start and stop the engine on all models includes air conditioning as standard. 8.8 inch flat screen monitor with a higher Finishing USB connection and Bluetooth hands-free included. The Drive Performance Control standard on all models. Drive Performance Control enables the driver to select one of four modes. Comfort, Sport, Sport + and ECO are included. The encouragement of slow acceleration and fuel ECO kit’s air-conditioning, heated mirrors and seats, throttle response to match the restriction of the use of conservation goals. Driver increase fuel economy, shows how far the car appeared as a result of the crossing. Sub-models, BMW alloy wheel offerings Sport Line and Urban Line model which differ, the differences between the kidney grille and other appearance settings.

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