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Online Antragsservice takes care of everything that is necessary for your successful small gun license application. It’s will send you a legally valid application for the small gun license, a pre-addressed letter to the competent authority, and a prepaid envelope, as well as simple instructions with the final steps and professional assistance. Our service is valid nationwide! For further inquiries, we are happy to help you. We offer a Small gun license in Germany (Kleiner Waffenschein) service for a one-time fee.

Application at a Glance

Application at a Glance

With us, you can also apply for a shooting permit for New Year’s Eve. Simply select this in addition in the checkout area. Do you have any questions about small gun licenses? Or do you have any questions about ordering the small gun license application service? Then you will find our contact information here. Our customer service will be happy to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us. There are some legal requirements that you must meet in order for your small gun license application to be approved. You can find all information on this on this page.

● No test or examination is necessary, an application is sufficient.
● In contrast to a firearms possession card or a firearms license, a certificate of competence is not required.
● A medical psychological examination is not necessary. A small gun license application is sufficient.

Legal Requirements:

● No previous convictions except for a maximum of one imprisonment, youth penalty or fine of less than 60 daily rates, proper storage of the weapon.
● Minimum age 18 years
● No drug or alcohol addiction
● Physical and mental fitness
● Resident in Germany for at least 5 years
● Not a member of an association that has been banned beyond dispute.
● Not a member of a party that has been found to be unconstitutional.


● Carry out gas and signal weapons covertly in public and only use them in self-defense situations.


● Execute alarm guns, gas, and signal weapons visibly in public and use them for no reason.
● Use alarm guns, gas, and signal weapons at public events.


● The small gun license costs between €25 and €150, depending on the authority.
● You have to pay this fee as soon as you have received your small gun license from the authorities responsible for you.

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