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Bentley Arnage is a large luxury car in Crewe, England from 1998 2009 Bentley automobile manufactured by. Arnage, and its Rolls-Royce branded sibling, Silver emotion, the spring of 1998, and since 1980 is launched for the first two Marques was a whole new design. Another break from the past was the same 6.75 liter V8 engine under the bonnet house decades, a powerhouse that traces its roots back to 1950 may be, will be. The Bentley Arnage is powered by a BMW V8 engine Cosworth-engineered twin-turbo installation, will and emotions that an BMW V12 engine service.

Bentley Arnage is 5 meters long, 1.9 meters wide, and a curb weight of more than 2.5 tons. This is for a short period of time was the most powerful and fastest four-door sedan. In September 2008, Bentley announced that the production model will be completed during 2009.

Bentley Arnage 2nd Series – Limos

In 2001, Bentley Arnage RL, a long-wheelbase model, is launched. Additional rear door of the car and the C-pillar is added. With the standard Arnage models, behind wheel wells rear door frame against Butt, but they are a few inches further back with RL. The overall effect is a larger car into the back area. This style is sometimes extended to the barber shop in the U.S. “double cut”, the two main points where the car is increased. Only a partner (“Mulliner”) model can be found, RL tailored to the customer wants. RL, was Bentley¬† Arnages Finally, reliability and performance of the new series, which is a lack of modern BMW engine is designed to follow the experience of enforced deprivation means, will be the first Bentley Arnage. RL was also an attempt to make the planned new model, the Rolls-Royce brand of supernatural hope to revive the challenges.

Bentley Arnage UK State Limousine

Bentley State Limousine is an official state car, a 2002 Bentley Motor Ltd. Created by Queen Elizabeth II for the celebration of her golden jubilee. Two building. The car’s twin-turbocharged, 6.75 liter V8 engine of the Bentley’s Arnage R version 402 to 835 metric horsepower and torque in Newton meters of production has changed.

Bentley Arnage Diamond Series

A special Diamond Series Bentley Arnage 2006 Bentley in Crewe factory, with 60 years as its production. 60 vehicles, plans for the United States, most diamond wood inlays, diamond quilted leather seats, a stainless steel front bumper, special 19-inch alloy wheels oil, and the Union Jack badge on the front wings.

Bentley Arnage Final Series

In September 2008, it was the Bentley Arnage production in 2009, once a 150 “Final Series” runs in the final model was completed last. Arnage Final Series Arnage T aforementioned twin-turbo 6.75-liter V8 engine with 500 metric horsepower and torque of 1000 Newton meters POWERTRAIN in the present. POWERTRAIN a six-speed ZF automatic transmission with torque distribution to the rear wheels. Outside, the Final Series features unique 20-inch alloy Qaeda, a retractable fly B’s mascot, body-colored headlight surround, dark tint matrix upper and lower grilles, lower wing vents, a “Jewel-style” fuel filler cap and special badge.

Bentley Arnage 2007

Bentley Arnage 2007

Bentley Arnage Interior, Mulliner by Design, Final Series kick plates, drilled alloy pedal, the unique chrome rear and two picnic tables feature a cocktail cabinet. Using the model of the four special umbrellas and a premium audio system with a Naim 1,000 watts of sound. Model 42 exterior color schemes, 25 interior hides, and three received veneer. This custom color can be set with matching hosted by Bentley.

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