2019 Bentley Continental GT

March 20th, 2019 | Comments Closed | Bentley

2019 Bentley Continental GT features clean, performed lines and a broad, low body that arouses a sense of speed and presence. To unlock the car, a pre-programmed external lighting sequence welcomes you. To complement the impressive design of the car, internal humor lighting can be configured according to your preference. The 2019 Continental GT chairs are minimalist in style, with an efficient design that ensures they are as comfortable and stylish. Centered center panels maximize the effectiveness of heating, cooling, ventilation and massage functions, while manual panning adds detail to the elements and upper areas, part of the seats that can be seen from outside the car.

The seat memory vectors are located on the door tabs, allowing you to choose your favorite tap position with a slight movement of a switch before you sit down. A satin chrome handle is used to bypass each rear seat forward and enter the rear of the cabin with an ‘express’ alternative passage that moves the seat instead of electrically.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Features

The new Continental GT features innovation across the drivetrain, making it the most advanced Bentley model ever built. The double clutch transmission provides quick changes and fast speeds to enhance the dynamic character of the car. The 48V Active Roll Control system feels the road conditions and alters the movement of the car immediately to optimize the handling and ensure a smooth ride. And electric steering improves the driver’s response so that he always feels good about driving conditions.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Supersports

2019 Bentley Continental GT Supersports

Under the cover, Variable Shift Technology allows a whole cylinder bank to disengage into mild padlocks, reducing the number of up to six jobs and optimizing fuel consumption accordingly. The moment when the wrench is wound, the engine turns into the power of all 12 cylinders.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Design

The new Continental GT First Edition is the best expression of the new car. Created to celebrate the launch of this grand tournament, it represents a stunning showcase of Bentley craftsmanship and design. The interior specification is elaborated by the projectors themselves and combines the best features available on the new Continental GT. This includes the Bentley rotation screen, which allows the driver to pass from three different panels: the 12.3-inches high-resolution touchscreen, a more stylish instrumental panel with three analog hand dial and a clean face, for an uninterrupted flow of wood, to the entire dashboard.

2019 Bentley Truck

2019 Bentley Truck

Bentley Continental 2019

Bentley Continental 2019

A number of second-hand details identify the car as the First Edition, including the First Edition that fits in interior and exterior. The Mulliner Driving Specification is also included, adding drilled alloy pedal, oil-filled jumper and refill filler, and a sleek 22 “sleek polished glow. And the diamond quilt pattern on the quilt with seats, door panels and rear panels of the quarter have been further enhanced with contrast seams available only in the First Edition. With the City Specifications and Touring Specification included as a standard, it contains all the technology you need for comfortable and easy driving, in the city or on the highway.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Interior

The new Continental GT can be ordered with a stunning double frame in which the natural wood grains are in contrast to the clear, Black Black or Grand Black special in the First Edition, the two ends separated by a strap 3mm polished chrome, finding a ring around the cabin. On the other hand, there is a choice of eight single lines, including the new Koa veneer.

There are 15 hidden hiding choices to cover everything from the seats and panel tiles to door panels and car headliners. They are Magnolia, Camel, Linen, Portland, Shale, Brunel, Cumbrian Green, Burnt Oak, Damson, Cricket Ball, Hotspur, Newmarket Tan, Porpoise, Imperial Blue and Beluga. Carpets can be selected to match or conceal main or secondary concealment. Combining is now also available to compliment your choice of hiding.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Performance

The new 2019 Continental GT is built on an innovative chassis and electrical architecture featuring a completely new 6-liter W12 engine and twin-speed 8-speed transmission for fast, fast, and efficient speed changes. As a result, it can be accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds (0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds) and deliver a phenomenal high speed of 207 mph (333 km / h).

Four driving modes are accessible at the turn of a dial. Comfort optimizes chassis and drives for luxury cruising, while Sports mode retracts the engine for more dynamic response, with a variable drain valve that adjusts the discharge grade character to match. In the engine itself, direct high-pressure injection is used along with port injecting, allowing the engine to pass without interruption between the two, depending on which is more efficient in any given situation. Together with a fuel-efficiency rack, 2019 Bentley Continental GT ensures that emission levels are among the best in its class, while also maximizing the range.