2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

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2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible – 2014 Bentley Continental GT Convertible – Convertible Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​is so new that the prices have not been announced. So I had to guess the amount of money that was at risk when Bentley was in the CNET garage for a short term loan. Judging by the current Bentley line two to three Ballparked. Working for a company that has recently made the usual $ 25,000 with Sony TV was my first thought, check the GT Speed ​​Convertible cabin electronics. 8-inch LCD Bentley was much smaller than the Sony 84-inch, and had 4K technology, which ruled the screen element more.

2014 Bentley Continental GT Performance

But in 2014 Bentley Continental GT Convertible has. The distinction of being the fastest four-seater convertible with a top speed of 202 miles per hour Take that, Volkswagen Eos. The 6-liter W-12 engine uses two turbochargers to produce 616 hp and 590 lb-ft torque. Performance eight-speed ZF automatic transmission operates wheel drive, air suspension, while a smooth and drag the journey, depending on what the driver in mind. Such drives should interest $ 100,000 for himself.

I must also give credit to almost perfect body build, listening. To 1940 lines automobile design And then there are double glazed windows, which deadens the sound off like nothing else. Comfortable leather seats thick as massage covers back on the home stretch of a long journey. Wood grain dash richly covered with metal mesh chrome inserts. Breitling clock, placed in the center of the dashboard, would certainly cost you a few thousand dollars on a clock.

2014 Bentley Continental GT Convertible comes with the optional audio Naim for Bentley premium audio partner. This system had some fingerprints, which nourishes and it turned into a beautiful work of heart, the same music that I do not particularly like. And respond as a credible home audio system Naim on tens of thousands of dollars would, began to understand the cost of the car. As expected, well-padded fabric roof has done its part in protecting my hard sounds of the outside world. At full speed, the flag remained perfectly still, without any attack on wind whipped his head. When turning on a switch on the console, metal, bent backwards, then stored in an automatic cover without problems and in a short time.

The reverse process seems a little slower than the closure of the cargo hold of a Boeing Globemaster C-17. For open-air-2014 Bentley Continental GT offers all the amenities. With a massage function, selected heating and cooling seats. Bentley and even took a page from the Mercedes-Benz, implement something like Airscarf, blowing hot or cold air in the neck, under the header.

Given the power of 2014 Bentley Continental GT Convertible, slipped through as easily as the insulation of the cabin feeling. Hills not in the least disturbed, and moves with its eight gears almost as well as a continuously variable transmission. I understood the transmission once flat feet, as rapid acceleration at low speed changes through the traffic required, shattering a sudden demotion.

2014 Bentley Continental GT Sport

2014 Bentley Continental GT Sport

2014 Bentley Continental GT Sport

The shift lever is for most sports settings, but I had to use a separate air suspension control. By pressing a button with an icon on the console buffer has an LCD screen in the car, with four settings between sport and comfort. Four settings seems excessive, but the speed GT Convertible seems to be all about excess. Less forgivable is the touch screen interface, which is not really suitable for quick adjustment of the suspension during the race. The pilot would be better served if the standby button on the console activated via parameters.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Steering

2014 Bentley Continental GT steering stiffened a bit rate, but at the corners of the wheel tends to feel light to rotate very easily. Bentley uses ZF Servotronic steering for a hydraulic drive system with electronic control. Given the size and luxury of the car, it was like the feeling has been adapted over the road. Speed ​​GT Convertible shows the way in which he wants to do, rather than that the road behavior dictates.

Just like in 2014 driven Bentley Continental GT Convertible, not quite hide its curb weight 5500 pounds. On a winding road, it was a very, very cry Scion FR-S. When I thought I was burning a number of rounds, I looked at the speedometer and saw that I was going the speed limit. After spending some time with the 2014 Bentley Continental GT Convertible, it became clear that the price covers the luxurious materials, design and workmanship, but not as much as the technology. His style lends a bit of presence, and if you live in Monaco, there are many other examples around his. There is also a walk very, very comfortable, very good for a long drive if you can afford the gas.

2014 Bentley Continental GT Gallery

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