2015 Audi TT Release

December 10th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Audi

2015 Audi TT Release – The Audi remains tight-lipped on an official release date, but near, the rumors, the  2015 Audi TT, will debut in concept form at a big auto show in 2014-possibly Geneva in March next year.  Price of current  2015 Audi TT is around £ 24,000 openings, so that the new car is expected of you adjust a bit more-around £ 25,000.

In general, the style will be sharper and more aggressive than the MkI and MkII TTs. Audi has been gained inspiration and e-tron Spyder e-tron Concept at 2010 Detroit auto shows and Paris, but also show newer cars, as the Cross Coupe Lane shows in Paris at the end of last year, the concept of”Q2″.

The new Audi TT has a more chiseled front with slim headlights to follow the leading edge of the hood, and a new form of two-piece grill. Is jointly strong similarities in design to its predecessor, including a sharp increase over the shoulder line and roofline empty container under. The rear also looks similar, but has reduced taillights and a wider rear window.

Inside, Audi are expected to push quality limits again. Not touch leather and aluminum accents is clumsy, while the instrument panel is dominated by a touch screen eight inches. Although (which has a 9.7-inch screen) a little smaller than an iPad, the owner can press through the various menus in the same way.

Engineers working on the third generation of the TT want to close the gap handling, Boxster-Porsche Audi VW Group Lands produces. But they want to do this without affecting the reputation of Audi style, luxury and functionality.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, Audi plans to curb weight of TT, the advantages of Domino for the dynamic power consumption and has cut. Under the skin, the new Volkswagen Group MQB platform. Hot molding steels of high strength is used and allows thinner elements used interface, resulting in a more rigid base frame and lighter.

Add predominantly in a body made of aluminum and the new model should be about 60kg lighter than the current car. That brings us to about 1,200 kg-35 kg just over a A1 1.6 TDI.

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