2015 Audi A8 Interior

December 15th, 2015 | 0 Comments | Audi

2015 Audi A8 – The Audi continues road tests the updated 2015 Audi A8. The new A8 expected to arrive in showrooms next year as a 2015 model. Model year. How cool disguised prototype photos show the greatest style sedan Ingolstadt changes are minimal. The changes will be subtle and becomes headlights, grille and bumper relate. The rear terminals visibly deformed exhaust system are integrated into the bumper. The current third generation A8 sedan on the market since late 2007, as fast as you can wait for the redesigned versions.

And therein is subjected to the same treatment of discrete changes, along with the introduction of new technologies such as the latest version of Audi Internet service, an information and entertainment and possibly revised modular dashboard facing the driver. Some sources say that the 2015 Audi A8 (and S8) updated and an adjacent exterior accessories for improved propulsion systems. But the most important changes (optional Matrix LED headlights and yellow LED sequential turn signals), which receives this powerful sedan, is not in the models for the U.S. market. The reason for this is that U.S. regulations do not allow this type of lighting mechanisms.

While there is no indication of the power units in 2015 Audi A8, is likely to be available from the 3.0 V6 TDI and TSI powerful eight-cylinder 4.0 TDI and 4.2 TDI. There is room for the hybrid version, it can be for a two-liter engine and electric motor, while clients are designed with the deepest pockets”A8? With W12 and nearly 500 horsepower. Again in 2015 Audi S8 is being driven by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 provided that produces 520 hp. was speculated that the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 now has 310 hp (instead of the previous 290 hp force, while the model U.S. market and still has 333 hp). too, the 3.0-liter TDI V-6 engine instead of the current 240 hp 258 hp have.

In addition to these changes, says the new 2015 Audi A8 with a Head-Up Display, Active Lane Assist selbstParkFunktionund, used to correct the unit. Improved A8 will certainly present in the North American market. The release date and price are still unknown. Our view is that in the second half of 2014. View of the fact that the new A8 is not completely re-designed, do not expect the price will be changed significantly.

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